Fe Djolè (Bragging) Is OK If You Do It Right

The average Haitian person cannot stand a "Djolè" (A Bragger). I mean if you like to brag, they may NOT say anything in front of you, but wait until you leave... If only you left a tape recorder behind...

Bragging - Fè Djòlè (Haitian Creole)

Please understand that the "Djole" that I am referring is not here is not for material things.

  • I don't care what kind of car you drive
  • I don't care what brand name clothes you wear
  • I don't care how big your house is
  • Idiots talk about theses things.

"Fe Djole" is only a "SelfOmercial"

for the record, I just invented this new word "SelfOmercial" (a word of mouth commercial done by a person for him or herself).

If you believe you are the best at what you do,

  • Say that you're the best.
  • All that is left to do is to prove it
  • DO NOT prove it to them, prove it to yourself
  • Proving you're the best is very easy...
  • Believing you're the best is the hard part..
  • Don't let anyone lead you to believe that you are mediocre
  • "Fe Djole" is OK if you do it right

The Biggest "Djole" In the World...

When Muhammad Ali first came out as a boxer, He always said "I am the Greatest".

Some people didn't like that very much but he kept on reminding them - and himself - that "I am the Greatest"

What happened at the end of his career?

He retired as "The Greatest Boxer in the history of boxing". I mean this guy is a legend.

  • He "Fe Djole" (bragged) about himself.
  • He believed what he was saying
  • And then, he proved it
  • And everybody believed him

That's what you have to do.

If you "Fe Djole" with no intention to prove it, you are not bragging, you're an idiot

Whatever you think you are, that's what you are...

  • If you think it's hard, you will not give it your best shot
  • If you think it's easy, you attack it with an open mind

Big Companies "Fe Djole" All the Time!...

There is another form of "Fe Djole" that has no negative effect in the Haitian Community. As a matter of fact, it is widely accepted and it is happening everyday

  • In our radio stations
  • In our television programs
  • Everywhere in the world

This type of "Fe Djole" is called "ADVERTISING"

  • When a company "Fe Djole" for their products, we run out and we buy that product.
  • When your friend run to you and tell you "Man, this is the best product out there, take my word for it", we run out and we buy it. Companies call that "Word of Mouth Advertising"
  • When that same friend comes to you and does a "Word of Mouth Advertising for himself" - he says "I am the Best Barber in this community" - What is the most common reply?
  • "A La Nèg Djole Papa!...
  • Depi Kilè-l Te Kon-n Fe Cheve Konsa?"
  • (what a brag... since when did he know how to cut hair?)
  • It really makes us feel uncomfortable when a person is giving credit to himself in our presence

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

How to "Fe Djole" and get away with it

People brag all the time but there is another name for it. I stress on "Fe Djole" because, in the Haitian Community, we make it seem like it's a bad thing.

There is a type of SelfOmercial out there that is very common in the business world.

  • It is required to get you a great job
  • It is thought in schools
  • It is the biggest form of SelfOmercial ever known to man
  • And in this day in age, with the way the economy is going, I strongly suggest that you have a fresh one on standby.

This form of "Fe Djole" or SelfOmercial is called...


Article by SP, Woodring

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