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Father of Haitian Hollywood Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis Murdered in Haiti

Jimmy Jean Louis Commemorates the Death of Toussaint Louverture Breaking News - The Father of Haitian Hollywood movie star Jimmy Jean-Louis was shot and killed in Tabarre, Port-au-Prince Haiti... Louis L'Ephène Jean-Louis, 78 years old, received a bullet in the abdomen Sunday from armed bandits riding on a motorcycle, he died Thursday... more »

Money Sent to Haiti - How Long before it Leaves the Country?

CAM Money Transfer - Haiti POP QUIZ: Jean Pierre is a Haitian immigrant who lives and works in the United States, he makes a USD $50 money transfer to Marie Michelle in Haiti. How long will it take before that $50 leaves Haiti? In other words... All this money coming into Haiti via remittences via Western Union, Cam Transfer, UniTransfer and Moneygram, how fast is it leaving the country? more »

Fanm Haitienne yo Lot Nivo... Respe Pou Nou...

Yon fanm Haitienne Nan Kizinn la ap fè Manje Medam Haitienne yo, respè pou nou... Mwen kwaze ak yon fanm Haitienne sou wout mwen ki fè-m renouvle respè mwen genyen pou tout Fanm Haitenne yo... Respè pou nou tout... Istwa-m pral katonte nou la-a, se yon ti istwa byen senp men ki vle di anpil bagay... Tande... more »

Are you Ready for the Holidays? is Santa coming to visit?

Merry Christmas Haiti December is here. The month for giving, the month for spending lots of money on gifts and travel... Let me ask you... Are you ready for the holidays... Will you and your family have a Merry Christmas this year? more »

Matant Mwen di Fok li gen chabon la rekonesans!

Deforestation in Haiti: A horse loaded with charcoal going to market Matant mwen sot di-m: "Le-m tounen Haiti, fok mwen genyen yon ti resho chabon kamenm... LOL..." more »

RESTAVEC'ism Puts Haiti in the BAD list of Countries with the Most Slaves

Restavek in Haiti, the Vlad Sokhin photographs Would you believe that Haiti, the first country who fought and won against slavery, is now ranked #2 in the list of countries of the most slaves in the world? Why? A RESTAVEC is a slave! As if you didn't know... more »

Dominicans of Haitian descent Stripped of their Citizenship Permanently

Haiti Neg Mawon Dominican Flag On Fire Can you believe this? ALL Dominican citizens born, since 1929, to Haitian parents who entered the Dominican Republic illegally will be stripped of their Dominican citizenship... That basically means all Haitian-Dominicans, their children and their grand children... This is what the Dominican Republic's Constitutional court ruled on Thursday and this decision is final... more »

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Dating Supermodel Petra Nemcova

Laurent Lamothe and Petra Nemcova - Front page of Ticket Magazine The front page of Ticket Magazine in Haiti reads: "LAURENT LAMONTHE ET PETRA NEMCOVA EMSEMBLE..." more »

FIRST In Haiti - Two New Babies Born from In-Vitro Fertilization

CHITAI Haiti - In Vitro Fertilization Haiti Health News -- In-Vitro fertilization is now a reality in Haiti. Haitian doctors have just given birth to two newborn babies, in Port-au-Prince, both from In-Vitro fertilization. more »

Jacmel Haiti Says Good Bye To Tent Cities

Jacmel Haiti Pictures In about 3 months there will be no more tent cities in Jacmel Haiti. Every single Haitian post earthquake tent city dweller in Jacmel will be residing in regular housing. more »