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TPS for Haitians - Sending all 46,000 Haitians with TPS back home will make things worse

Father Gerard Jean-Juste - TPS For Haitians Even President Donald Trump's own State Department officials have warned him against his moves to deport more than 46,000 Haitians , 57,000 Hondurans and 195,000 Salvadorans who enjoyed Temporary Protection Status, or TPS, in the United States. Such a move will destabilize the entire region but will Trump listen? more »

What is a Vasectomy? Some Haitian men want to know...

Confused, scratching my head If you are a man, you are sexually active and you don't want to have babies then you need a form of male birth control. You can use a condom, you can pull out (good luck), or you can have a vasectomy. more »

I experienced Sabbath while visiting an Adventist couple, it's kind of cool

Good news Bible in my friend's living room My Sabbath Experience - This weekend, I wanted to visit an old friend of mine but I wanted to keep the visit short because I was afraid it would interfere with his rituals, if I may call it that. He did not mind, he said, and I did not regret it. more »

Life in America - Babysitting costs $700 and she gets paid $900 every two weeks

Money Patched Up Piggy Bank A young Haitian mother living in Brooklyn NY is sharing her life experience with her sister in Haiti. Childcare is expensive she says... Her first experience. more »

FLASH: Sister of Haiti Education Minister Josue Agenor Cadet Shot and Killed

Crime Scene in Haiti Breaking News... The big sister of Haiti's Minister of National Education was murdered late Monday night at her home in St-Louis du Nord, Haiti. more »

My Family is enjoying Thanksgiving in New York, I am in Haiti eating Poul Di... Not Fair!

Thanksgiving Dinner - Frozen Turkey It's Thanksgiving... and I am sad... I just spoke my mom and dad in New York, my brothers and sisters, they are all getting ready to eat that thanksgiving turkey... Me, I am in Haiti, eating Poul Di... That's not fair... :( more »

Haitian-Japanese Tennis Player Naomi Osaka: Haiti is a Beautiful Country, the negative comments do not reflect reality

PHOTO: Haiti Sports - Naomi Osaka, Haitian-Japanese Tennis Player "Haiti is a beautiful little country," says Haitian-Japanese Tennis Player Naomi Osaka, "the negative comments do not reflect the reality." Naomi Osaka visited her father's native Haiti for the first time in her young 20 years, a personal decision she said. more »

Your choice of a good wife: Someone who can can cook, can clean OR career woman?

PHOTO: A Haiti mother and child deported at midnight from the Dominican Republic If you ask your Haitian father for advice on how to get a good woman, a good candidate for a wife, he will probably counsel you to get a woman who can cook and clean but is that all you need these days? more »

Dating and Relationship : Haitian parents, what age do you let your daughter start dating?

Boy and Girl Kissing Poster This Haitian mother comes to me telling me a story about how he cursed this boy trying to date his 17 year-old daughter. "My daughter is NOT ready," she said... So let me ask you this: What age do you let your daughter start dating? more »

Haiti - Dany Laferriere's Mother is Dead

PHOTO: Haitian Writer Dany Laferriere at Academie Francaise Marie Nelson Laferrière, mother of Haitian author and Académie française immortal Dany Laferriere has died Thursday 11 May 2017. more »