Fabiola Fameux, From Maissade to Miss PFUR Moscow, Russia

MOSCOW, Russia - Fabiola Fameux, a Haitian-Russian was crowned Miss Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) in the city of Moscow.

The event took place 2 Mar 2012. According to Planetcreol.com, Fabiola Fameux is a young Haitian, originally from Plateau Centralle Haiti, specifically the town of Maissade. she is a third year student in Public Relations at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

Coincidence? My mother is also a Fameux, also from Maissade (Savann a Pal). Could we be related???

Fabiola, si-w gen yon tonton-w ki reke Annivin, then we're family baby!

Haiti press network broke the story about the crowning of this new Miss Haiti-Russia. This is the first time a Haitian participated in a Miss Moscow contest, and she won the competition, Defend.ht reports.

Cool don't you think?

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