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Are you Ready for the Holidays? is Santa coming to visit?

Merry Christmas Haiti December is here. The month for giving, the month for spending lots of money on gifts and travel... Let me ask you... Are you ready for the holidays... Will you and your family have a Merry Christmas this year? more »

Party by the river, Rivierre Hinquitte, Hinche Haiti, Simply Beautiful...

Haiti River Party - Riviere Hinquitte, Hinche Haiti Ever been to a Haiti river party? For the first time in my life I witnessed a Haiti river party at Riviere Hinquitte in Hinche, Centre Haiti... Music, beer, men, women... Oh My... more »

Haiti Soccer News - HAITI Vs. SPAIN, Today, June 8 2013 at Sun Life Stadium

Soccer Poster: Spain Vs Haiti - June 8 2013 Sun Life Stadium For the first time in soccer (football) history, The Haiti National soccer team will face off against defending World Cup Champion Spain and its full squad of stars... more »

First Time In Haiti - Fashion Week 2012

Haiti Fashion Week 2012 The first ever Fashion week, Fashion Week 2012, took place in Haiti last week... Bagay Maleur... From what I hear!!! more »

Are you a Haitian Party Goer OR Event Promoter? A Question For you...

Haitian VIP Pass I have been hearing a major complaint from Haitian Party promoters and I want to share it with you and ALSO... Ask you a question... more »

Miss Universe 2011 - Miss Haiti Didn't Win But...

Anedie Azael - Miss Haiti Universe 2011 It's over... The Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant came to an end, Miss Haiti did not win but She had a great time... And Haiti has a record this hear... more »

She Is Haitian, Miss Turks and Caicos Universe 2011

Miss Haiti AND Miss Turks And Caicos, Both Haitian VIDEO - Breaking News from Miss Universe 2011 - Miss Turks & Caicos is half-Haitian, she speaks Haitian Creole. Watch this video... more »

Miss Universe 2011 - HAITI In Semi Finals

Anedie Azael Miss Haiti Universe 2011 Haiti is in the semi finals of the Miss Universe 2011 Beauty pageant... more »

Anedie Azael Is Miss Haiti Universe 2011

Anedie Azael Miss Haiti Universe 2011 Haitian supermodel Anedie Azael was crowned Miss Haiti Universe 2011 on Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011. Anedie Azael will represent Haiti in the 2011 Miss Universe beauty pageant. more »