Environmental advantages of local production in Haiti

What are the environmental advantages of local production in Haiti? Read this...

Konbit : Haitian Farmers working together planting crops in Plateau Central Haiti

"On the one hand, local production generates less waste compared to imported products. On the other hand, waste derived from local production is easier to process."

This is a bit of an article by Nord-Est Info regarding an exhibition-fair for Agriculture in Ouanaminthe on the occasion of World Environment Day 2018.

I agree with that statement. When I buy local products at the marketplace (marché) to consume, banane, manioc, patate, tomate and other vegetables, my cousin takes the peal of these veggies and feed them to her pig. Nothing goes to waste.

A lot of the imported products that arrive in Haiti comes in plastic containers and cans that end up polluting our environment.

What do you do with the can or plastic container after you consume what's inside of it?

What do you think about that?

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Woody Lè m achte produit local nan marche en Haiti, nou mange produit a, epi tout sa k pa ka mange kouzen m pran yo bay kochon li manje. Anyen pa... see more
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