UTFO Roxanne, Roxanne : Did you know Old School Rapper KANGOL Kid is Haitian?

Way back, Before Wyclef Jean, there was another hip-hop superstar named Kangol Kid from the old-school hip hop group Untouchable Force Organization (U.T.F.O.); Did you know that he is Haitian? I just found out...

Kangol Kid (UTFO) simply the FIRST Haitian in hip hop!

If you grew up in the the United States in the 1980s you probably heard the hit rap song "Roxanne, Roxanne", what you probably didn't know is that the rapper with the kangol hat is Shaun Shiller Fequiere, Kangol Kid, born in Brooklyn to Haitian parents.

Kangol says he intentionally hid his Haitian heritage while trying to achieve success as a break dancer and rapper with the mid-'80s group, Jacqueline Charles writes in an article on Miami.com

He explains in details in a this video interview... Watch...

Here is The Kangol Kid (of UTFO) performing Roxanne, Roxanne Live

Here is the original video, hope you enjoy it now that you know, there is a Haitian brother in it... LOL...

Thank you, Jacqueline Charles!

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Antenor Firmin says...

Rapper MC Tee (Touré Embden) who recorded FRESH IS THE WORD(1985) is of Haitian Descent

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Ronald says...

David Jude Jolicoeur from old School Hip Hop group De La Soul se Haitien tou wi paske lontan lite tre difisil pou Haitien back in the 80s 90s in New York / New Jersey

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Subject: UTFO Roxanne, Roxanne : Did you know Old School Rapper KANGOL Kid is Haitian? edit

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