56 PHOTOS... Haiti CARIFESTA 2015 - Look...

We have Some PHOTOS for you from Haiti CARIFESTA 2015 in Champs-de-Mars... Gade photo... Anpil photo from the opening days... Bagay yo bel anpil... Haiti is really looking good in the eyes of the world... Look at all the photos here...

Haiti CARIFESTA XII - J Perry and Mikaben Perform Theme Song, Openning Ceremony

Stay tuned, we will constantly update you with everything that is happening not only in Port-au-Prince but in various other Cities in Haiti... Look at all the latest photos here...

PHOTO: Haiti CARIFESTA -  Grand Market Kiosks, Place des Artistes   Haiti - CARIFESTA XII Lancement Officiel   PHOTO: Haiti - CARIFESTA XII - Day2   Hait CARIFESTA XII - 20 Countries in Haiti waving their flags   PHOTO: Haiti CARIFESTA, Colorful Haitian Tap-Taps display a Unique Caribbean Experience...   PHOTO: Haiti - CARIFESTA XII - Day2   PHOTO: Haiti CARIFESTA   Haiti - CARIFESTA XII - Guyana Delegation enjoying Haiti  

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