Ending Blackouts in Haiti - Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) Now Open to Investors

The Haitian government wants to end the blackout in Haiti. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe says Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) is bankrupted, unable to electrify Haiti as a whole. He wants to END BLACKOUT in Haiti. So... Investors get ready... Soon there will be a call for bids.

Theft of electricity is rampant on the grid, the Prime ministers says, EDH loosed 70% of the electicity it purchases and only provide electricity to 40% of its customers.

This is not an attempt to privatize EDH, Laurent Lamothe says, but the government is looking for a partner in the private sector, like Natcom-Teleco, to help provide a better electric infrastrucre, distribution and service across the nation.

Question: Do you think it is a good idea for the Haitian government to do to EDH as they did to TELECO?

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Jean I dont care what the president in Haiti say they say they going to do for Haiti that's not true they only do it for port au prince only like port de... see more
Reply · October 05 at 5:46 PM
Joe Sa bon lap bon ankor non, li te le e tan pou yo te fe sa. li supoze fet rapid san discussion. Aleluya
Reply · September 30 at 6:04 PM
Enzo Of course the country must be electrified. However, Natcom, Digicel and other foreign companies already in the Haitian market should not be given... see more
Reply · September 29 at 9:39 PM
Lionel Vernet I left Haiti in 1983. Blackout were rare. Cette situation de blackout a trop dure. Et ca m'a deja coute un xtra 1.000.00 $ pour une generatrice de 8... see more
Reply · September 29 at 12:51 PM
Gerard Pollas Is not Natcom-Teleco a telephone company? Accordingly they would not have much experience in the field of production and distribution of... see more
Reply · September 28 at 2:38 PM
Marie This is too good to be true
Reply · September 28 at 2:08 PM
Marc It's a good idea.
Reply · September 28 at 1:11 PM
Sergo Buissereth The government must do what is best for the country with no exception. I agree with the decision. It's never easy to make executive decision.
Reply · September 28 at 11:37 AM

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Subject: Ending Blackouts in Haiti - Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) Now Open to Investors edit

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