EDH - Experimenting with Blackouts in Haiti

For all the complaints I hear about EDH and blackouts in Port-au-Prince I should not complain here in Hinche but... I just spend a couple of days in the dark and it was not pleasant...

EDH - Blackout in Haiti
EDH - Blackout in Haiti

When you are sleeping under a concrete roof, hot as hell, with "Marenguen vonvon'ing" all over the place and no "Vantilatè" to push them away, it is definitely not fun.

Lèfini... Bagay yo rele Moustikè-a, sa pa pou mwen ditou...

It's not just the heat, you you just have to have a fan to push the mosquitoes away... don't you?

I wish everyone would pay their dues to EDH so they could be more efficient... In just a couple of days, I spent more money in gas for the generator then it costs me for one month of electricity...

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Kerline says...

I am in Lacul Leogane, no electricity period, I spent 100 dollars US per week to run the generator.

Luckily I am there for 2 weeks the most, I am planning to make Leogane my permanent in a few months!

It's not really bad I am right at the beach but during the month of May even with having the fan on at night doesn't help with the mosquitoes but...

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Paul says...


it looks like you were not really prepared to move back to Haiti :) or maybe Haiti was not prepared to welcome you!!! You just finished dealing with a flood last week, now you have to deal with blackout?

What's next?

To make you feel better, let me tell you that the heat is killing me in New-York city, man. 97 degrees everyday this

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