Ebola in Haiti - What would you do if EBOLA landed in Haiti?

Haitian Ebola Scare
I cannot believe this... Me and a friend, we are sitting here wondering what we would if EBOLA suddenly landed in Haiti... It is not a pretty picture... Many selfish thoughts actually... LOL... Nou tap achte 5 sak diri, 2 sak pwa, 3 gallon lwil, epi nou pa pran kontak ak pesonn... What would you do if EBOLA landed in Haiti?

If you think this is a stupid question read this...

US military official warns of mass migration if Ebola erupts in the Caribbean

This EBOLA thing is become such a scary phenomenon, you can't help but think about the possibility of the virus landing in our doorstep... Heck... It landed in the United States, but they have the capacity to deal with it.

If EBOLA lands in Haiti, God forbid, we are SCREWED BIG TIME!!!

Have you ever thought about that?

What would you do if EBOLA landed in Haiti and you happen to be there UNABLE to fly or run away away... What would you do?

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Patrick Princivil Ahhhhhhh papa! Ti nèg pat kon-n pan mwen! Sé pou tout Prézidan yo purifié ak tout fan-mi yo au nom de Jésus. Sé pou... see more
Reply · October 11 at 8:31 AM
Delinois Eugene My peoples, I am sorry to say, ebola is not far to landing in Haiti for what I know if France and United states don't do anything because I think... see more
Reply · October 10 at 11:44 AM
Yvette Duverge God is greater than ebola. keep. all those that are sick with this desease in ypur prayers. What doctors cannot do God can. pray pray pray. God... see more
Reply · October 10 at 11:31 AM
Sherlie tout espwa mwen se sou Bondye li ye,si virus sa rantre nan peyi a pap gen ayiti anko
Reply · October 10 at 9:23 AM
Richie Well for starters. My God is an awesome God; he would deliver us from this catastrophe, he has done it once, he could do it again. Il est le... see more
Reply · October 10 at 7:38 AM
Paul Dja Monsieur, Importante question? Mais si EBOLA arrive en Haïti il sera trop tard pour que Haïti agisse par ses propres moyens. Haïti... see more
Reply · October 10 at 4:08 AM
Renee Sou Facebook Your discussion with your friend is not an improbability! Ebola is worst than AIDS!! The authority wants the public to believe it is not airborne... see more
Reply · October 09 at 10:03 PM
Watslove i would have cried cuz my family are up here
Reply · October 09 at 9:50 PM

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