Dominican Woman flies from Haiti to Canada with cocaine inside 3 Joumou!

Cocaine filled pumpkin brought to Canada by Dominican woman
Here is a Halloween story for you... A Dominican woman flew from Haiti to Montreal canada with 3 pumpkins (JOUMOU) stuffed with cocaine... She was caught by Canadian customs...

A simple search of inside the luggage of Mercedes Jerez Farias, customs discovered three pumpkins with a brownish glue holding the tail together. Customs then decided to open them. Within these pumpkins, there were bags filled with a white powder that turned out to be cocaine.

There were a total of 4.6 kilograms of the cocaine inside these pumpkins worth between 30 to $ 40,000 per kilo on the market.

When asked why she went to Haiti first... She says she went to visit close friend who were grieving.

Konye a fi sa-a pral fe tout agent immigration etazini anpeshe Haitien antre etazini ak joumou... Mesi wi senyolita!

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Woody Hi Wilner, the news is on Haiti Press Network. Dominican woman flew to Canada from Haiti. Originaire de la République dominicaine mais... see more
Reply · November 05 at 6:58 PM
Violette Eske ou tande, fom di mesi to senyolita tou, no more joumou pou soupe premier janvye mwen, min poukisa senyolita pat pran avion direk pou canada... see more
Reply · November 05 at 1:56 PM
Winer Mathieu zafe dominican woman ki rentre montreal canada avek drog la se pa vre e se pa konsa bagay la pase, avant ou mete yon nouvel sou paj wa se pou al... see more
Reply · November 04 at 5:45 PM

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