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What came out of the Haiti-Dominican Immigration meeting in Venezuela?

Soy Dominicano As you are probably aware, officials from Haiti and the Dominican Republic met in Venezuela for talks regarding the Sept. 23 ruling by the Dominican Republic's Constitutional Court to strip Domincans of Haitian decent off their citizenship... So what came out of that meeting? Here's what I know... more »

Venezuela: the Mediator in the Haitian-Dominican Denationalization crisis

Haiti President Michel Martelly and Venezuela President Hugo Chavez There was a meeting in Venezuela between Dominican and Haitian authorities regarding the decision to render stateless thousands of Dominicans of Haitian origin. This meeting was held on Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013. Venezuela is trying to find a happy medium to this crisis... Keep in mind, The Dominican Republic, is in the Petrocaribe oil alliance... more »

Haiti-Dominican Border Patrol - Guess Who Came Up With CESFRONT...

CESFRONT - Dominican Border Patrol, Elias Pina DR READ THIS CAREFULLY... I saw an article today titled: "Wait -- What are US Border Patrol Agents Doing in the Dominican Republic?" an then... I read this: CESFRONT, the Dominican border patrol, itself is, in fact, an outgrowth of a US effort to promote "strong borders" abroad as part of its Global War on Terror... War on TERROR? Are there TERRORISTS in Haiti? more »

FOUR times more EGGS produced in Haiti now, Michel Chancy says

Dr Michel Chancy, Secretaire d 'Etat a la Production Animale (SEPA) The egg-laying industry is growing more and more in Haiti since the controversial Dominican egg import ban... FOUR times more eggs are being produced in Haiti everyday, according to Dr Michel Chancy, Secretaire d'Etat a la Production Animale (SEPA)... Better for the Haitian marketplace... more »

Infrastructure: Dominican Republic among the Leaders, Haiti Sucks Big Time!

Haiti Open For Business The Dominican Republic has the third best transport infrastructure in Latin America, Haiti has the worst, according to the latest Latin America Transport Infrastructure Ranking from Latinvex, an online publication specializing in business in Latin America. Haiti ranks at the bottom of the ladder as the country with the worst qualities of ports, roads and air transport in the region... As far as SPEED in shipping containers in and out of Haiti... Haiti really sucks... more »

Haitian-Dominican Fate: A Largely Ignored Human Rights Tragedy

Haiti neg maron dominican flag olive branch Who is doing what about the Dominican Republic Constitutional Court ruling to strip the citizenship of persons of Haitian lineage born in the Dominican Republic after 1929? Have you heard anything? Sanctions? Boycotts? Anything? more »

Dominican Woman flies from Haiti to Canada with cocaine inside 3 Joumou!

Cocaine filled pumpkin brought to Canada by Dominican woman Here is a Halloween story for you... A Dominican woman flew from Haiti to Montreal canada with 3 pumpkins (JOUMOU) stuffed with cocaine... She was caught by Canadian customs... more »

Online Petition to CARICOM against Haitian-Dominican denationalization in DR

Haiti - CARICOM There is an online petition to CARICOM Secretary-General Irwin LaRocque about the ruling to deny citizenship to thousands of children, women and men of Haitian origin in the Dominican Republic by Concerned Caribbean Citizens more »

Palito de Coco, Star of a TV Commercial to Sell Cars in the United States

Palito de Coco is now Selling Cars in the United States Haitian singer "Palito de Coco", has been hired as the star for the filming of a television commercial for a vehicle sales company in the United States... Play Palito's Ringtone inside the dealership and get an instant $500 discount... more »

Haitians have nothing to offer other than cheap labor, a Dominican says...

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic Many of my Haitians readers are getting upset over a comment posted by a Dominican here on over the topic: Build A WALL Between Haiti And The Dominican Republic... "Nobody wants Haitians," he says, we "don't have anything to offer other than cheap labor that, at the end, becomes more of a problem..." more »