Dominican Republic Deporting Haitians, 700 Deported So Far

It looks like Haiti's immigration honeymoon is over! The Dominican Republic has begun it's post-earthquake deportation of Haitians. 700 illegal Haitians have been deported since Monday...

Haiti PetroCaribe street protest sign: Give the money before things get worse   PHOTO: Kote Kob PetroCaribe a #PetroCaribeChallenge - Haitians Protesting   Haiti : Happy Unemployment Day, a group of students protest the May 1st Haitian Holiday   PHOTO: Radio Caraibes FM front gate burned down, vehicles burned by protesters   Photo - Manifestation in Jacmel Haiti - 19 Nov 2012   PHOTO: Haiti - Empty streets, no cars on the road   Black Smoke in the skies above Haiti from Haitian-American stuck in Peyi Lock Haiti, 30 September 2019   LOOK: The most amazing photo from a Haiti street protest you just have to see to believe  

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Subject: Dominican Republic Deporting Haitians, 700 Deported So Far edit

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