Does Wyclef Jean Really Want To Be Haiti's Next President?

If you are wondering whether or not Wyclef Jean really wants to be the Next president of Haiti, Wait till you hear what he told CNN... Chew on this...

Wyclef Jean Holding His Green Card And Haitian Passport

In order to Be President of Haiti, you must never renounce your Haitian Nationality. There is a picture of Wyclef circulating around the Internet all of a sudden of him, Wyclef, holding his green card and his Haitian passport.


He wanted somebody to know... "Look Bob.... I'm still Haitian..."

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Here's what Wyclef has been saying to the media lately after rumors spread that he wants to run for president...

To CNN: "I can't sing forever..."

Clef admitted that he's filled out the proper paperwork in case he decides to go through with it, but he is still thinking it over.

Wyclef says if and when a decision is made, media will be alerted immediately.

You know what...

I think I'm going to file my paperwork too... Just in case... I decide to run...

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Marximillien Duret says...

Rene Prevail might be homeless but he does not have a homeless mind like Wyclef

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Gabriel Duvali says...

Get yourself an education before you think about being president of Haiti.

Otherwise you are making a fool of yourself and a serious embarrassment for the country, You don't even know your name or your age. You cannot express yourself well in Creole or in standard English.

You cannot speak French.

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Guy Comeau says...

We are leaving in a totally different world than that of or ancestors Toussaint Louverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Christophe, Petion and the like.
Wyclef Jean represents the dream of all immigrants here and abroad.

People who left their countries in search of a better life elsewhere.

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Amos Delisnor says...

We thank Sean Penn for his help in Haiti but at the same time we ask him to short his mouth in the Haitian's politic.

Wyclef is Haitian he has the right to run for any position he wants, if the constitution gives him the right to d so. it being 206 years since our independance and we still the poorest country in the west hemisphere, we being try so many people with alot competency but they didn't bring to no where so we want to try something

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Thomas Franck says...

Mwen ta renmen clef president men mwen konnen travay la pafasil brother si ou gen kouraj pou poze kandida pou prezidan se paske ou gen yon vizyon pou chanjman ayiti menm si m konnen chanjman se sel bomdye ki ka fel ebyen clef bon travay, bon sikse bondye avew tout ayiti a vew mavew 100%.

Liberte, Egalite,

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Aimable Jude says...

ak wyclef jean, yon lot haiti

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Stephane says...

Haiti, where amazing happens.

Anyone can be a president.

Look at our current president, he doesnt even have a dream.

he doesnt know what called be a president, no responsabilities...

We need someone who can bring a change, etablish a climat of peace.


but they did a good job. RIP For

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Pierre Ricardo says...

ti bway la bezwen presidan ayiti men ki nivo l e li vle represante ayiti ki lang li pale li pa pale kreyol ni franse nan ki lan li pral fe diskou l la mezanmi ayiti tombe na k...ti bway fe respe kontinye travay o nivo sosyal petet wa antre nan

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Yakubu Louis says...

like i said before clef, need to continue helping haiti, president no. charles henry baker,4 president an ba haiti oun chance vote charles h. baker pour president

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Guy Comeau says...

Wyclef Jean would better serve Haiti as a singer.

He does not have to be President to help Haiti.

I like Wyclef Jean as a singer but he is not qualify enough to be President material.

If Wyclef Jean really wants to help Haiti, he should continue his singing career.

Maybe later, as he said he cannot "SING FOREVER", he might be a producer.

He should leave politics to

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