Does Water go Bad? How do I Disinfect Water?

The last time I tried to bath with water that was sitting too long in a water tank, I had crazy itches... So this time I am being careful.

Guayamouc River - Sully (Hinche Haiti)

I did a little research... Here's what I found out...

Can water go bad?

Yep... Many people store water for emergencies like hurricanes and power failures. It turns out that there are two ways for water to go bad.


Say you have water in your house that has been sitting there for a while, can it be Disinfected?


Watch this video: Disinfecting Water Using Bleach

The video talks about information from the CDC about water disinfection procedures. I got the link for you...


Ok... I think my water is about ready now...

Time to take a shower... Ba bay...

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