Does the average Haitian farmer know how much Nitrogen Corn Needs to Grow?

About Agriculture in Haiti --- I was standing in my little backyard farm in Haiti this morning wondering what makes corn grow... A quick search on the Internet and I found out that corn (Maize) needs nitrogen to grow... I wonder if the average Haitian farmer knows that... I also made another discovery...

First, here is what I found out from an old agronomy guide from Purdue University...

Corn needs 150 to 200 pounds of Nitrogen per acre in order to produce a yield of 120 to 200 bushels per acre. Most of Nitrogen has to be supplied as fertilizer unless a previous legume crop has built up the soil's nitrogen supply...

Legume Crop?


Legume Crops like vegetative legumes, shrub legumes and tree legumes are known as Nitrogen fixing plants. Without going into details, they replenish the soil with nitrogen that corn needs in turn to grow.

I found all this out with only a couple minute research on the web... The average Haitian farmer doesn't have access to the Internet and I don't really see a whole lot of AGRO businesses in my neck of the woods, you know, businesses who would sell seeds and fertilizers to the Haitian farmers and would also educate them somewhat.

Now I am thinking... Maybe that's why Haitian farmers plant 'PWA' (beens) together with corn. This knowledge perhaps has been passed down to them but I'll be honest with you... I have never heard any Haitian farmer mention the words 'NITROGEN' to me in my lifetime.

My question to you is: Do you think the average Haitian farmer know how much Nitrogen Corn Needs to Grow?

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Jim Sou Facebook says...

Dil plante ak montrel ak konbyen santimèt oubyen pye ou dwe fouye tou a, se de bagay diferan kounya nan mond lan gen yon bagay yo rele (green house) tout kiltivate itilizel metod pou fè prodwi agricol nan tout sezon nan ane

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Josee Sou Facebook says...

Tout moun plante jan yo kapab paske yo pa fome pou sa. depi nan 1ane yo montre ti gason m nan plante nan lekol li toujou ap vin ak plant yo lakay la tout grenn fruit li we li bezwen plante

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Jeanmitt says...

First of all haitian farmer does not at all what Nitrogen is...

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David Elissaint says...

They do know they just don't want to do but I can feel some change going one in our courntry we just have to take it easy God bless Haiti I love my Haiti.

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Subject: Does the average Haitian farmer know how much Nitrogen Corn Needs to Grow? edit

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