Do Haitians Fear Using Credit Cards Online?

As an entrepreneur who does 100% of my business online. I have to tell you that the #1 problem I encounter within the Haitian community is "The FEAR of using credit cards online."

It's the 21 century; I do not want to hear any intelligent Haitian man or woman telling me "I am afraid to use my credit card online".

There are Haitian stores online like Ceepco Records, Everything Haitian, or where you can buy Haitian CDs and movies online.

There are Haitian authors like Carmel S. Victor and Wanda Toby who sell their books online.

There are Haitian artists like Abner G. and Yanick Etienne who sell their CDs online.

So, to say you are not going to use your credit card online is to tell these people, and myself, to "Stop the Train" and get back on their donkeys.

We left our donkeys behind; we are riding the internet now. We need you, the Haitian consumer, to also evolve and become online shoppers.

By the way, get your domain name for just $7.95

The Haitian market place is evolving. If you want to support that evolution, then you, the consumer, must also evolve. There... I said it again.

With your support, doing business online could be a start of a new Haitian revolution.

With the Internet and a phone line, Haitian entrepreneurs can do business at home, in Haiti.

We can hire Haitian men and women in our homeland. We can teach them how to use computers.

We can tell the world, "You don't have to send your customer service and tech jobs all the way to India, the Haitians can do it, they are trained, qualified, and they are only one hour away.

We can teach young Haitian men and women how to speak English.

We can show our new Haitian generation that they don't have to get on a boat and get humiliated in the shores of Miami with "Biscayne Bay's seawater dripping from their clothes" like Mr. Prosper Sylvain Jr. so eloquently put it in his poem "I don't look Haitian".

If you are afraid to use this new technology called the internet, if you are afraid to use your credit card online when you have no problem swiping it at your local store, then our community will not evolve.

You've been asking for better customer service, it's here, and you don't even have to leave your house.

Did you ever think for one minute that a day would come where you would be able to buy Haitian products and services in the comfort of your home?

This is just the beginning!

I am in the comfort of my home providing you with a service that is automated and online. That means I could be in a mountain top next to my hometown of Hinche, Haiti, and you wouldn't even know!

Electricity, private or public, Internet via Satellite, and a broadband phone is all I need to do business in Haiti. They are all available and some people are using them everyday in Haiti already.

Yap Pale... Nap Travay!

So I am not asking you to try, I am telling you it's the only way!

What are you afraid of?

Maybe it's because somebody told you that using credit cards online is not safe. Well neither is driving but I bet you start your car everyday and drive to work.

That somebody probably does not have a computer at home, she probably only listens to AM Radio.

Do not let these people use their "I cannot do it fear" or their "I don't understand and I'm too proud to ask fear" or their "I am old fashion and you should be too fear" on you.

In your community, everyone is an "Expert". They are experts in instilling FEAR in you so that you can stay in your shell and never evolve.

If you stop yourself from evolving, you are really stopping your community from moving forward.

The technology train left our station long ago. If we hurry up we can still catch it.

Experts have degrees and/or years of experience. If your Haitian Expert only has a degree is "M-pa tande yo di..." Dismiss him/her immediately!

Haitians have a funny way of saying "I am too coward to do it myself, don't you even try".

As Haitians, we are constantly bombarded with "What NOT to do" advice and absolutely no advice on what steps to take and no encouragement to try anything new unless it's foreign and it's presended to us by a foreigner.

Fè etranje konfians... Pafe Ayisyen parèy ou konfians... Se etranje ki di-w sa? Poukisa? li mem-n la rich, ou menm, wa rete kote-w ye a?

Kreyol pale Kreyol konprann

When we were slaves, our masters used shackles to keep us captive. They used FEAR to condition us as slaves. Once we knew we were slaves, we didn't need shackles anymore. We were free to move in the plantation because the chain was moved to our mind.

Even though we became independent, we were still very dependent and waiting for directions.

shack•le (shãk'əl) n. Definition: (1) A metal fastening, usually one of a pair, for encircling and confining the ankle or wrist of a prisoner or captive... (2) A restraint or check to action or progress.

Please condition yourself for the information age!

Using Credit Cards online give you instant access, instant gratification. Money orders in the mail are a thing of the past!

If you want to know how safe it is to use credit cards online, ask me... it's my business to inform you.

Here is what you need to know to use your credit card online:

1 - Make sure the page you are entering your credit card number in begins with HTTPS:// and not HTTP://

HTTP*S* means this is a safe and secure transaction.

2 -

Make sure the web site accepting your credit card is using a 128bit Encryption and has a valid SSL Certificate.

To learn more about SSL Certificates, visit the SSL section if

3 -

If you are really freaked out and refuse to use your credit card online, this next tip will help you get rid of our fear once and for all.

It's simple!

Open a second checking account with ~ $100.00 and make sure you are issued a second debit card with a VISA / MASTERCARD logo.

Use that card for online transactions.

What's the worst that will happen? If anyone steals your card number, they will not be able to rob you for more than $100.00

It's the 21st century folks!

Get with the program

Article by: Woodring Saint Preux

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Topic says...

I really like this article because I personally was afraid to use my credit card online but thanks to Woodlyn, I don't have to worry about that problem anymore.

This article contains all these new informations that I did not know. Thank you so much and keep doing what you do best

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Topic says...

Yes, i think haitians fear using credit cards on the internet because they think the going to bill them wrong or they also might think that there cheating

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Topic says...

Yes, i think haitians fear using credit cards on the internet because they think the going to bill them wrong or they also might think that there cheating

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Topic says...

Im looking 4 a picture of our

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Topic says...

I dont know but ya got to tell me something about ya

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Topic says...

I was not sure which crowd you were addressing in you article.

Let's assume you were addressing people that do not like to use their credit cards on the net. You have to objectively study the reasons why people object to using their cards on the net and come up with feasible suggestions that can make them feel more at ease using their credit cards.

I deplore the fact that you tend to generalize certain ideas which makes your article rather more repulsive than appealing to an Haitian audience.

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Topic says...

I agree with you one hundred percent.

I woul add that www is the only way out of poverty for us Haitian and Haiti itself.

Your friend

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Topic says...

I find the content of the article very offensive.

I am an educated haitian womam who pride myself in supporting my haitian people, however I choose not to use my credit card online.

On more than one occasion, I had computors hackers obtained my credit card number and made several purchases on my card. Allthough, I got reimburse at a later date, it was a trying and cumbersome process.

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Topic says...


Sak pase?

I am glad to read your article.

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Topic says...

yes, beacause of identity

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