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Hurricane Sandy - 385,000 without power in Massachusetts

Interstate 93 Boston MA - I93-I95 Interchange How many Haitians are without power in Boston tonight??? Boston Globe Headline News: High winds, rain knock out power to more than 385,000 in Mass. more »

Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy: New York City Goes Dark

Superstorm Sandy - New York City Goes DARK I thought Haiti has it bad with Hurricane Sandy and then I saw this... Front page on Huffington Post Website... NYC Goes Dark! more »

HAITI May Soon Become The Latest Member of The AFRICAN Union.

Haiti In The African Union If all goes as planned, Haiti, yes North America's Haiti, will become the latest member of the African Union sometime in January. Haiti and Africa share a sense of history, and African countries stepped up in the wake of Haiti's earthquake, which has led some to conclude the time is right to formalize their ties. more »

La Douanne In Haiti, How Much Does Haiti Customs Really Cost?

Haiti Customs - AGD - Administration General Des Douanes Why is it that NO Haiti shipping company ever tells you how much something will cost to get it OUT of customs in Haiti. LA DOUANNE (customs in Haiti) is like a BIG MASONIC TEMPLE! more »

Two Haitians Kidnapped in Egypt!

Are there any Haitians liging in Egypt? Have you heard? Two Haitian Americans tourists went to Egypt to retrace Jesus' steps and they were kidnapped at gunpoint. more »

What Is Babydoc Duvalier Doing In Mitt Romney USA Politics?

jean claude baby doc duvalier What is the link between Babydoc Jean-Claude Duvalier and US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney??? more »

I am Thinking About Moving Back To Haiti... What?

WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY? Why do family and friends panic when you tell them "I am thinking about moving back to Haiti?" more »

Haiti Brain Drain - 85 percent of Haitian College Graduates leave Haiti... WOW...

Did I read this correctly? Eighty five percent of college graduates in Haiti leave the country. more »

Haitian Woman Wins $105 Mega Million Jackpot, Her Money Problems Just Got Started!

Mega Millions Lottery Ticket Milford Mill, Maryland - A Haitian woman, Mirlande Wilson, claims she is the ONLY winner of a $105 million Mega Millions ticket BUT... Her McDonald's co-workers are furious... They want her to share the loot... more »

Liar Liar... What is the BIGGEST Lie you Ever Told?

I lied about the Statue of Liberty... LOL... more »