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Tilus Lebrun, yon anplwaye Haitien, tiye Boss li poutet li poste photo-l sou Internet la...

Tilus Lebrun Boca Raton Florida --- Yon Haitien, Tilus Lebrun, ki tap travay nan yon restoran nan Boca Raton Florida tiye mèt restoran-an anba kout kouto... Li admèt bay lapolis ke li tiye misye paske misye pran photo li san pemision epi poste li sou Internet la... more »

New Haiti program to register Haitian immigrants living in Foreign Countries

Haiti Identification Card - Carte d'Identite Haiti is launching a new program to register Haitian immigrants who live without documentation in the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos Island, and "other countries where Haitian immigrants live..." more »

Haitian Bus Driver Wins the Lottery in Maryland...

Ysmaille Castor - Haitian Maryland Mega Millions Lottery Winner Imagine that... Ysmaille Castor, a Haitian bus driver in Maryland, finds an old Mega Millions ticket from last year under his microwave... He decides to play the numbers again... He wins... 1 Million dollars US... What an amazing story!!! more »

Haiti scores major points at dialogue with Dominican Republic

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Establishing a difference between those who are affected by the decision of the Dominican Constitutional Court and those who came from Haiti as undocumented aliens is one of the goals achieved by the Commission representing the Haitian Government during this first of a series of discussions scheduled to take place on a monthly basis. more »

Spending Christmas 2013 in Haiti - My FIRST Since 1988

Christmas in Haiti HAPPY HOLIDAYS! -- This Christmas, 2013, will be my FIRST Christmas in Haiti since 1988. It will not be an extravagant Christmas BUT... "Map manje yon kabrit kamenmmm... epi tou... De twa zanmi pwal banm KOU... ANPIL KOU... LOL..." more »

A Creole conversation between two Hospital employees in Montreal triggers an Investigation

Haiti France Reparations Controversy Two Haitian employees of the Rivière-des-Prairies Hospital in Montreal sometimes talk to each other in Haitian Creole rather than exclusively in French. A complaint from another employee led to an intervention of the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) -- Haitians in Montreal beware... French is the official language of the workplace, not Creole... LOL... more »

Haitians helping to build stadiums in Brazil

A stadium in brazil being built with Haitian help A company building one of the 12 stadiums for the 2014 soccer World Cup in Brazil is recruiting Haitian workers after falling months behind schedule... more »

Haitians don't take enough advantage of FREE Education in the United States

Education in Haiti Haitian parents in the United States, particularly those who live in Florida, do not benefit enough some free education programs offers to their children... This is according to Donny Felix, president of the Haitian American Association of Brevard (HAAB) more »

Academie Francaise - Haitian author Dany Laferriere is now an Immortal

Dany Laferriere L'Academie Francaise as just elected Haitian author Dany Laferriere as their new Immortal, the highest honor granted in the French language... Laferriere is the first Haitian to receive this Honor... For the rest of his life, Daniel Laferriere will be one of 40 members of L'Academie, responsible for being the official authority on the development of the French language in France and around the world... WOW... more »

Haiti Hollywood Star Jimmy Jean-Louis BAD Experience in Dominican Republic

Jimmy jean Louis After reading a story online about Haitian Hollywood movie star Jimmy Jean-Louis' BAD experience in the Dominican Republic, I couldn't believe it... So I called him to know if it was true or not... It is TRUE... Jimmy had a terrible experience while on a road trip from Haiti to DR capital Santo Domingo... You won't believe what you are about to read... The following is the official story from Jimmy Jean-Louis himself... more »