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Arcade Fire Opening Haitian Restaurant in Montreal

PHOTO: Arcade Fire Live in Haiti How many times do you read news on Rolling Stones Magazine about the opening of a Haitian Restaurant? Imagine my surprise... Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire is opening a Haitian Restaurant this summer called AGRIKOL... more »

Haitian Diaspora Talk - Niece in Haiti discourages her auntie from coming back to Live in Haiti...

Pa Rele-m Diaspora, Mwen Se Haitien Recently, overheard a niece in Haiti discouraging her auntie from coming back to Live in Haiti... "You are a diaspora," she said, "Everyone will think you have money. don't come live here, it is too dangerous..." Seriously??? more »

Haiti flights direct from Orlando Airport to Port-au-Prince, You can make it happen

American Airlines In Haiti Airport The Orlando International Airport is conducting a survey to see if a direct flight to Port-au-Prince Haiti from that airport is a necessity. If you would benefit from such a flight, you can help make it happen... more »

Haiti Air Travel - JetBlue Begins Non-Stop Flights from Boston to Port-au-Prince in June

JetBlue Airways - Flights to Haiti Good news from Haitian airline travelers in the Boston area... JetBlue announced recently new seasonal Non-Stop flights from Boston Logan airport to Port-au-Prince International airport... These Boston-Haiti Flights begin 17 June 2015 until 15 September 2015... more »

Chicago - Haitian founder Jean Baptiste DuSable Statue Vandalized

Jean Baptiste DuSable Satue Vandalized The bronze statue honoring Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable, the Haitian founder of Chicago, was vandalized recently, vandals painted over the eyes of the statue with black paint... more »

French-Haitian man Arrested in Connection to Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Fritz-Joly Joachin Haitian Arrested in Charlie Hebdo Killings Fritz-Joly Joachin, a French citizen of Haitian origin, has been arrested in connection to the Charlie Hebdo Massace... According to news reports, Joachin was was in contact with one of the Charlie Hebdo killers before the massacre... more »

Michaelle Jean, First Haitian and Woman to lead "la Francophonie"

PHOTO: Michaelle Jean at the Primature Former Haitian governor-general of Canada, Michaelle Jean, was chosen Sunday after intense debate as the new head of the union of French-speaking nations known as "la Francophonie"... Congratulations Michaelle Jean... more »

Haitians in the US Celebrating Thanksgiving 2014 in New York

Thanksgiving in New York, My Family is getting ready Gad'on LOBEY... LOL... My freaking Brother is teasing me with the Thanksgiving turkey wi!!! Li di-m o wi, The turkey is in the oven, look at the shodyè for now... more »

Cardinal Chibly Langlois Celebrates mass in Little Haiti, Miami, Florida this Sunday

Haiti Cardinal Chibly Langlois celebrating Mass at St Jerome Church in Brooklyn NY Haitian Cardinal Chibly Langlois will celebrate mass in Little Haiti this Sunday, 23 November 2014, at the Notre Dame Catholic Church... Mass starts at 9:30 am... more »

Haitian Students return to school 8 Sept 2014, How will that affect your pockets?

Haitian Students Students in Haiti return to school on 08 September 2014. So far, the Haitian media is reporting that parents are not ready. Education is free for many in Haiti with the LEKOL GRATIS program that the martelly administration is pushing but... How much does it cost for those who have to pay for it in CASH? more »