Why is Dessalines being used as a Tool to Divide Haiti?

In Haiti, these days, Dessalines is the new weapon for politics... The opposition throws a big protest on the anniversary date of Jean Jaques Dessalines yet they criticize the Haitian Government for throwing a big party on that day, 17 October 2014...

The Haitian opposition feels the day of death of Dessalines is a good day to pay a mass visit to Petion whom they say murdered the emperor and everyone who is a part of the Martelly administration is a direct descendent of Petion. So they go out and say "Petionville Tet Dwat... Aba Martelly..."

The Haitian Government on the other hand is a good day to celebrate the life of Dessalines... So the invite everyone in Pond Rouge where the emperor was murdered in an atmosphere of joy and the spirit of giving to celebrate his life.

If you ask the opposition, the Martelly government did it all wrong... They were only supposed to shed some tears on Dessalines' tomb and call it a day...

But the fact that each and every Haitian holiday is "opposition protest day" including the anniversary date of the death of the emperor, There ain't nothing wrong with that.

As a Haitian citizen, how do you feel about this pitit Dessalines vs. pitit Petion thing and how it is being used to divide the country?

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Ricart_dr Dessalines was the Robert Mugabe of his era. Because he did not trust the white French people, he had the white Haitian minority killed by ordering... see more
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Subject: Why is Dessalines being used as a Tool to Divide Haiti? edit

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