Dead Haitian Woman Found Alive In Haiti 3 Months Later

True story from Haiti: A dead Haitian woman was found alive by his father in Port-au-Prince Haiti 3 months after her funeral.

Eunide Lazar was sick for about 3 months prior to her death. She died and she was buried on April 3rd 2008 in the cemetery of Turgeot in Haiti.

When asked about her cause of death, her father replied "yo te voye 3 mo sou li" (she was attacked by 3 dead spirits).

"I know she was dead, I know she was buried because I am the one who buried her," says her father on the microphone of Haitian reporter Frantz Guerrier of Radio Caraibes in Haiti.

Today, Wednesday September 3rd 2008, she was found alive at "Mache Telele", a local market place in Petion Ville Haiti by her own father who buried her just 3 months ago.

"Do you remember your father?" The reporter asked her.

"Yes" she replied

"What else do you remember?"

The young lady was about to be interviewed by reporter Frantz Guerrier when his link to the radio station was broken.

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Mama says...

j'apprecierais de savoir plutot comment elle a sorti de sa tombe et par qui au moins - une petite description de cette personne c'est-a-dire le genre, la hauteur, la grosseur, la couleur de cette personne et comment elle la revenante a survi pendant ces temps la?

aautrement je pense que c.est un compte de

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Abdallah says...

My friend your heart is in the right direction.

The God of Abraham will not bless Haiti because of our arrogance.

The sole purupose that The creator Created us is to worship Him. It's clearly stated in the 10 Commandments that we are not supposed to worship none of God's creation.

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Abigail Nicolas says...


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Shoo Shoo says...

you are the only one making sense

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Gregoire says...

i i dont think she was ever dead of course, only in some sort of coma induced by the blowfish poison, im guessing thats how they did it. I have heard those kind of stories but usually the person is being used as a slave for years and years, she is lucky in away, only 3 months later, but of course shell never be the

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Marie says...

Hell on Eart
I know that Haitians will never stop working with the Devil
Voodoo in Haiti is the worst that we need to

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Widny Joseph says...

As a young haitian, i would say that i aint believe it, but,
when i sit back think about so many things i've seen, have heard,
i say

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Gilbert says...

As Haitian, i am not surprised because i know this has been happening since a long time. So, the only thing is i feel glad for her and her family because they can reunite again and start a new life even though after death is kind of different when she became a zombi.

But, the point is, she wasn't really dead. There is a Haitian term "toudi" like going to sleep for a little while then somebody comes to get you and wake you. So, this is what happen to her. However, they should look for whoever committed the crime and bring him/her or them to

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Jean says...

sensational news to some but more common news to most Haitians who have heard of such cases.

Is it time now to get serious medical research on this particular subject and stop the hearsays.

The proof is in the research.

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Ben says...

ds tous les points la situation de mon pays cheri est critique.Que protege ma patrie et que tous les haitiens ensemble disons NON au mal, et oui a une haiti calme, riche,paisible, belle et prospere.Que Dieu benisse mon pays(HAITI) et tout ses

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