Cubans OK but... NOT The Haitians

The Haitian Immigration Crisis Make A Comment

[b]What?... They're Haitian?... Send Them Back...

More Than 100 Haitian Migrants Make Desperate Landing In Florida

It is interesting to see that the Cubans can stay in the United States when they hop on a boat and make it the U.S. it's called the "wet feet, dry feet policy"


Not The Haitians... Clean'em up...

Pack'em up... Kick'em out...

"America... The first Haitian Boat People died for you in Savanah, Georgia!"

"They Call us boat people - a video poem"
Listen to a Nice poem called "Boat People"
by Mecca AKA Grimo.
Video by Seldom Scene Production.

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Subject: Cubans OK but... NOT The Haitians edit

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