Creole 101 - 'Achte Figi' -- Delete it From Your Vocabulary

In virtually every Haitian Community, everyone is divided into classes. Listed below is just a few of the categories:

  • The Working Class Vs The "Chomeco" (unemployed)
  • The Rich Vs The "Show Off" (Those who simply pretend to be rich)
  • The Middle Class Vs The Poor
  • The "Philosophe" Vs The "Nèg Sòt"
  • The "Nèg Lavil" Vs The "Nèg Nan Mòn"

"Achte Figi" is a form of prejudice

There is a form of prejudice in our community that prevents those at the bottom from climbing to the top; that's mainly because the prejudice exists at the bottom, not at the top

It's a form of prejudice called "Achte Figi" - "Sucking up to someone who is better off than you are" is probably a clean way to translate it into English.

  • If you associate yourself with a doctor they say... "ou ACHTE FIGI li paske li doktè"
  • If your poor son is hanging out in the middle class, they say... "Li ap achte figi pitit moun yo paske yo gen lajan"
  • A poor man with too much pride will always give themselves courage by saying... "Mwen pa jan-m achte figi moun nan vi-m"

PRIDE and FEAR will keep you down...

The majority of people in the lower class have a huge chip on their shoulder called "PRIDE" and a demon on their mind called "FEAR"

With those 2 things combined, they are literally unable to move up.

Should you even attempt to break away, the others will remind you that "You've changed... Why are you sucking up to such and such?"

That leaves you with two options:

  • Either you do what's best for you or...
  • You stay right where you are so that you can please the people around you.

Break the mold... Get moving!...

If you decide to do what's best for you, get ready, because your people, your peers, will tear you apart.

You just have to understand that it comes with the territory

Most of the time, those who talk bad about you or accuse you of "ACHTE FIGI" do it simply because they are too afraid to break away themselves.

They associate your efforts with something negative; this way, their will find a false sense of satisfaction with their current lifestyle and a false sense of pride which makes them feel better than you.

Don't worry, it's just "FEAR" talking. You keep on moving...

Really Smart people are always happy to help, that are always happy to share their knowledge with someone who is willing to learn.

Here is an advice I once got from a stranger, today I give it to you:

If you want to be rich, never ask your next door neighbor how. If he knew, he wouldn't be your next door neighbor


The next time someone accuse you of sucking up, Hear but DO NOT listen. and remember...

Yo Pa Jan-m Voye Ròch dèyè Mango Vèt

Article Written by Woodring Saint Preux

"The Haitian Social Revolution is an idea proposed by Woodring Saint Preux. It is intended to bring our community together so that we can save our beloved Haiti and our way of life. This revolution cannot be fought with force but with brain power. Let us put everything aside and concentrate on a common goal"

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Subject: Creole 101 - 'Achte Figi' -- Delete it From Your Vocabulary edit

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