Could LAVALAS sweep the upcoming elections? Aristide thinks so...

In what the Miami Herald calls "the political jab" former Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide delivered this powerful punchline during a press conference affirming that LAVALAS could sweep the upcoming Haiti elections.... Although the topic was hunger in Haiti...

Aristide supporters come out defying protest ban
Aristide supporters come out defying protest ban

Ou deja konnen le Aristide pale, se losti li bay...

Men kwa Jezi Kris... LOL...

Read this from the Miami Herald...

Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide said if Haiti's upcoming local and senatorial elections are free, fair and transparent, there "is a good chance" that his Fanmi Lavalas Political Party would win a good portion of the seats.

"Fanmi Lavalas is evolving, is becoming stronger and more powerful," Aristide said. "I am not doing propaganda for Fanmi Lavalas. We are speaking the truth and for me, this is the truth."

Aristide made the revelation in a press conference Thursday at his home in the Port-au-Prince suburb of Tabarre, where he thanked the Haitian people for transforming an "ordinary day into an extraordinary day," and called for unity among Haitians to help the country get out of its ongoing hunger crisis. The political jab came in the midst of his reflection on the problem of hunger, which he called "one of the biggest problems we have in the country of Haiti today."

Read more here then give us your opinion about it.

Is Aristide back into Haitian polotics or was he simply stating a fact as he puts it?

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Pat J Louis says...

You people are unbelievable.

You want a Republican President from the states to oust him once again?

If you do not see the flaw in this, you should not be commenting about any politics in any faction.

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Kim says...

This dog better stay away from Haitian's politics.

He is a problem for the Haiti.

I need a republican president who can deal with this donkey

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Oxceva says...

I think right!

Paske gouvernement saa pran trop kob sou famille ak parents moun kap viv haiti chak apel telephone ak transfer yo. Mete sou sa, sou gouvernement sa-a menm yon laptop ou paka pote pou zanmi ak manb famille k-ap etudier en

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Tomy Valmyr says...

Paul i knew tha psycho wouldn't keep his word. he likes blood and

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Paul says...

Didn't he say that he came back to Haiti to work in education?

I was shocked to hear him say on Thursday that he is "learning from the people".

Isn't this quite the opposite of

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Rudolph says...

I think that he is back in

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