Controversy - President Preval's Extra 3 Months In Office

More Haitian Political Drama - Haitian President Rene Preval said Wednesday he will stay in office for up to three months past the end of his term if no presidential election is held as scheduled in Haiti but... Is he really breaking the law?

Is President Preval really staying an extra 3 months in office or... is he just completing his full term as the President of Haiti?

Preval's five-year term is scheduled to end Febuary 7, 2011, but... it did not exactly start on February 7 ,2006....

What the hell???

It's true, keep on reading...

In a recent congressional decree, president Preval said that, if an election is not held before November 28 2010, he will remain in office for an extra three months.

That means he will be in office until May 14, 2011.

This is creating controversy... Opositions are rising... but here's the twist..

President Rene Preval was NOT sworn into office on Febuary 7, 2006. He was sworn in as President of Haiti on May 14, 2006.


Telling you why would really complicate this article, believe me...

This means, his 5 years as president of Haiti will really be over on May 14, 2011.

Will he be a nice guy and leave on Feb 7 or... will you be MAD if he stays til May 14?

I have two question for you?

1 - Can he legally leave office on May 14 2011 to complete his 5 year term?

2 - If he does, what happened to the idea that Haitian Presidents are supposed to assume office every five years, on February 7?

Post your answer below...

For all the new students out there, Febuary 7 is the symbolic date in Haitian history that marks the end of the Duvalier Regime... Se jou sa-a ke makak la te kase... Ask you parents about it.

Visit the and the for more discussions about President Rene Preval and Haitian Politics.

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Regiboss says...

Let be real, Is Haiti ready for an election now?

Are we ready to elect a leader?

are we really serious about having an election in the near future?

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Victor Manuel Guerrero says...

Esta actitud de Preval le puede costar muy caro, el debe mantener por encima de todo su honestidad con el pueblo haitiano y con el mundo, y no aspiar a tres meses mas en el cargo.

Por otro lado quiero aprovechar para expresar el apoyo de la ONG UNICREDEC, al Presidente del Banco Mundial, en el sentido de sus recientes declaraciones, en que dice a los donantes que hagan realidad las donaciones que hicieron para la reconstruccion de haiti, porque ya es tiempo de que lleguen al Fondo de Reconstruccion de Haiti, los mas de diez mil millones que prometieron, porque es una realidad horrible que mas de un millon de personas viven en la calle, expuestas a morir masivamente, por las idundaciones de la proxima temporada de Huracanes, y ademas los constructores del consorcio UNICREDEC, espaeran para trabajar en la construccion de diez mil viviendas, para empeazar a resolver el problema, esto es un dilema, la gente dannificado espaera la vivienda y los constructores esperan los contratos de

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Mathilde S. says...

In an interview after the earthquake, the president said that he would live on feb 7th, Because that's what the constitution says. What good would his staying for three months do to Haiti?

He was there for 4 years, if he did not do what he was supposed to do, I don't think that he'll do any better in three months.

On the other hand, I don't think he should leave if there's no election or if there's no one to replace him, it would just be a chaos.

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Dyachim says...

If the country's law does not provide room for such extension, yes! he will be contravening the

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T Lagwe says...

Why not do the right thing, have early elections and help move the country forward.

You alone Mr President should set the example and the right stuff, you'd be praised for helping Haiti find herself.

There is no need to wait another 3 months, and hold the aspiration of all Haitians for a brighter

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Rudy Etienne says...

He is going against his own words, a while back in an interview he was asked that questions and he stated that he would respect the constitution, regardless of when he was sworn in, leave office as mandated by the constitution on February 7,2011.

In my opinion, he is setting a precedent that not healthy for Haitian politics.

It is time for us to move on and ready our beloved Haiti for the future.

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