Columbus' Flagship Santa Maria in Danger of Looting Off Haiti Coast

"There is nobody watching the ship right now... somebody knows where we are," says underwater explorer Barry Clifford who fears that Christopher Columbus' 500-year-old flagship, La Santa Maria, found off the coast ot Haiti may be in danger of looting unless it is salgaved immediately...

Columbus Flagship Santa Maria - Shipwreck found in Haiti

Clifford told The Explorers Club wednesday:

"I think this is an emergency situation. I think the ship needs to be excavated as quickly as possible, conserved and displayed to the world... I'm ready to leave next week if I get the green light..."

What a historical momunent it would be if the flagship of Christopher Columbus himself was salvaged and put on display IN HAITI for the world to see...

What do you think about this?

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Ricart says...

Marie Wrote: " about no. It was in our belongs to us."

Nothing belongs to Haiti, a failed state.

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Robert Jean Augustin says...

That's Will be a great

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Marie says... about no. It was in our belongs to

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Joun says...

a Die mesie yo padon wi BonDie pou sam pral di an si bagay sa te fout te kwe blanc li minm li patap minm di Haiti sa yo jwenn.

men Haitien pi mal yo kite blanc kk nan figi yo jan yo vle oh BonDie kile peyim nan ap chanje! kote neg mawon statu ki te fet an bronze lan?

yo t vin pran poz se construction yap fe kounia se yon vie bout bagay yo kite Haiti poum prouvew si sa t bon yo patap minm fe Haiti konn sa bon tout sak t bon yo gentan pranl yap vin pase kaka nan figi

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Bernadette says...

People just take a deep breath, the ship wrecked was found for the first in 2003. So much was already stolen from the ship that it might even be difficult to tell whether or not it was a ship, things like cannons and all. Second, whether Santa Maria sank or not is still debatable...

Third as soon, the above have been established, guess who will be coming to dinner?

Spain!! They will be coming to reposes and stake claim to a property that they have paid for and duly theirs.

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Ricart says...

Pretty soon Columbus' Flagship Santa Maria will be in danger of looting off Haiti's national palace.

It will sold for scrap medals by the likes of Michel Martelly, René Préval, Boniface Alexandre, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Raoul Cédras, Prosper Avril, Leslie Manigat and the Duvaliers.

Once again, Dominicans should be allowed to safeguard such a historical

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Ricart says...

Haiti is too unstable economically, politically, culturally, and socially, to be put in charge of such valuable relics.

La Santa Maria and any treasures in it should instead be taken to neighboring Dominican Republic for safe-keeping.

Just a thought.

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Under water explorer Barry Clifford says he wants the Haitian government to act as soon as possible to help preserve the what he says is the remains of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria.

He also wants the Haitian government to give him permission to continue to study the wreckage.

"I'm not looking for money," Clifford said. "I'm looking for the government (of Haiti) to protect this."

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe tweets: "The Santa Maria is a national treasure for Haiti and we agree we will take all measures to protect the site which is a world

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Armand says...

This should be a very special occasion to have 1,000's of tourists to visit Haiti also a reasonable fee should be impose.

Like $20 US per International Visitor and $100 ht per local visitor and $20 ht per

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