Clifford Brandt Arrested In Haiti For Kidnapping

BREAKING NEWS -- Haitian businessman Clifford Brandt has been detained by Haitian Police for involvement in Kidnapings.

Breaking News From Haiti
Breaking News From Haiti

This news is already spreading across the Haitian community via Blackberry BBMs and the social networks. So far, we've been able to find one source online.

Here is what I read on less than an hour ago...

The National Police of Haiti arrested in the afternoon of the Monday, October 22, Clifford Brandt, son of Fritz Brandt businessman accused of kidnapping.

The arrest took place at Delmas 02 in sting operation that began last Sunday.

Two children of the Moscoso Family were kidnapped for several days; they were found and released by the Haitian National Police.

Haitian Police said they have found in the stronghold of the kidnapping ring a list of people to kidnap during the holiday season.

Clifford Brandt reportedly admitted his involvement in several kidnappings including that of the Moscoso children.

The Brandt family is one of the most prominent families in Haiti. Clifford Brandt is the managing director of Mazda dealership in Delmas Haiti.

He demanded U.S. $2.5 million for the release of two children Moscoso, also reported.

Hmmmmm... Komisyon pa chay mezanmi...

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All Comments (28)

Andre Cheval says...

mwen, se list nom lot vagabon yo map

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Josy says...

Wow! How about you?

What do you deserve for your sins?

We need to be careful, and killing a person is not a joke. He should serve time in jail, and pay a fine. He must be found guilty first by the court, and I do not trust the judicial system in Haiti.

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Layite says...

Gade yon wont pou la famille brandt, mpakwe ebyen gen moun mwen konnen ki kinape apre, yo finn achete machine nan maison mazdaaaa lakay

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Julia says...

se pou justise klifford fet men m jan ak justise tout kidnapper, paske se sa li ye tou yo pa janm kontante, yo souse san malere pase sansi Bondye ap pale pou haiti, sa se mirak Bondye.

ann nou kontinye prye, nap jwin

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Walner Pierre says...

afe clifford martely lamorthe sa gen plus que sa lidi yo ki nan gang li an policier inspecteur neg labank andedan senat depute ladoune tout genyen gang pa yo kap travay c jesus kap fe miracle li policier sa yo dwe tuye sou place public martely lamorte tisousou meme courant yo pa bay peuple la pou kk po rouge pareyo c meme voleur yo mt liste ak foto policier yo canceld visa yo bare tout fontier yo haiti pakab

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Kutie says...

Yes he must pay for his crime.

They walk around the country like they own it. Some of them are cut throat people and refuse to allow the majority a fair chance why should we give him

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Lila says...

I hope that justice is finally served.

We want justice.

I hope that the international community is involved in this case. We can charged him with genocide.

because he is a cold blooded

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Vladimir says...

mwen paka kwe se jan de moun sa yo ki tap fe pep sa-a soufri konsa, bondye gran.
gen jistis menm pousa ou pata

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Derrick says...

I am hoping that this kidnapping ring list leads to all of former Lavalas officials who we all know had been involved in kidnapping for years.

Let's wait an

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Jonathan says...

this man, he is a villain, he deserves to be condemned for the rest of his life. he was not born in a poor family, but it is not satisfying to those which possess it. he must die in

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