Christina Aguilera is Going To Haiti

American pop star Christina Aguilera is planning a trip to Haiti to lend a helping hand after the terrible earthquake of Jan 12. This is just weeks before the release of her new album.

Christina Aguilera's trip to Haiti is part of her role as an ambassador for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

After Christina Aguilera hade her first child about 2 years ago, she says that inspired her to "Step Up her charity work" according to a recent article about her trip to Haiti.

Christina Aguilera told Oprah on Friday:

"A child dies every six seconds of hunger, which is a huge statistic for me. After having my own child, I just had to be part of it and do something about it and help change that situation."

The young and vibrant pop star will be traveling to Haiti soon to see first hand the devastation of earthquake.

"I want to check on the situation there," she says, "and help deliver food. I want to visit orphanages and schools there and try to do my part in helping."

Christina Aguilera was one of the artists who participated in the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon

Her new album, BI-ON-IC is coming out June 8 2010.

Watch the video Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight Live On Oprah


What do you think this Christina Aguilera trip to Haiti will have any impact on what is happening or is it just a publicity stunt?

Post your comments below.

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Alana says...

i think it a good thing that she is going to haiti to help the people there to just

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Daniel says...

hi, that a good idea christina is going to in my country, i am very

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Paul Kavanaght says...

Christina is very open minded and she is a genie in a bottle.

We need people like her to bring more attention to our country, I think she is not trying to get anything for herself out of it, except maybe the satisfaction of knowing that she is contibuting to helping the poor and the people in

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Berthauny Bernard says...

For me that's good for Haiti if she wants to help haiti.

We need some charity people for Haiti, i think that's a good thing for

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Gigi says...

hi am not sure CHRISTINA AGUILERA going to Haiti have anything to do with a career, nor a music, specially at point.

What they can possibly do for her were
they are right now.She want, s to go may be curiosity, or good intention could be, but her music i doubt

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