Cholera Sparking Anti-MINUSTAH Protest In Haiti

Over the past few days there has been news reports of protest in Mirebalais and in St. Marc Haiti with protesters chanting "Down with MINUSTAH, down with imported cholera" so I have a question for you...

MINUSTAH's New Mission Keep The Beaches Of Haiti Safe

What happens if suddenly the people of Haiti decide it is time for the UN Peacekeepers to leave?

The BBC Reports...

Haitians have taken to the streets in protest against the Nepalese UN workers

There is controversy surrounding the outbreak of cholera in Haiti, after American scientists from the Centers for Disease Control identified that the strain of the disease which has emerged there matches strains commonly found in South Asia.

This has led to angry protests by Haitians against the presence of United Nations peacekeepers from Nepal, where cholera is endemic.

The presidential elections is less than a month away, a terrible storm is looming over Haiti, and the cholera epidemic is pointing to those who are in Haiti to "keep the peace!"

Now they are chanting against the Nepalese peacekeepers... What happens if the chanting resonates around the country?

Reply with your comments.

Ban Ki Moon and Edmond Mulet in front of Collapsed Haiti National Palace   UN Soldiers Block access to Hinche Haiti Airport Strip   Hinche Haiti Airport Secured for Presidential Arrival   Cortege President Martelly sou Piste Aeoport Hinche la   Hinche Haiti Airport Perimeter   Aeoport Hinche la Sekirize, President Martelly pwal ateri   UN Sodiers secure Hinche Haiti Airport, President Martelly is coming   MINUSTAH Soldiers Surround Hinche Haiti Airport Awaiting President Martelly's Arrival  

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Yvette Duverge says...

Keep praying for our people and our country.

In all of this remember God is able to do everything but fail. Haiti and the Haitian people will rise. God bless you all and God bless

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Martine Civil says...

this would have been the most and important thing we could have done .if the source if found why not distroyed it, if this were haitians military who carry this diseases you think they would keep us?

right away haitians are inffected with this disease call cholera the world media would make this such a news that the world would be scare of this black nation in not to mention these nigers are infected we shall spray them with cow disease syndrom chemical.

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Big Dada says...

they are elected a very stupid man like preval as president because these people are very ignorant.

since 1996 i know that guy doesn't know absolutely nothing on how to manage a nation.

haiti is a country where u find more illiterate in the world.why we have peace keeping force in haiti?

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Thomas Valcin says...

woodring and readers, i am not a guy that you would usualy here such comment from,
But i have to say it, me personaly, I donn't care if they are freaking leave, in fact i would rather see them leave than staying.

Let's face

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