Cholera may be staying in Haiti permanently... Are you Serious?

Haiti cholera superstition
BAD News... WORSE News... It looks like Cholera is here to stay in Haiti... According to Dr. Glenn Morris, director of the Emerging Pathogens Institute at the University of Florida, the strain of cholera imported into Haiti by United Nations MINUSTAH soldiers from Nepal may be staying in Haiti permanently.

Permanently? What do you mean PERMANENTLY???

The good doctor says: "What we find is the bacteria does appear to be taking up residence within the environment .That means what we are seeing is not a one-shot thing, but something that will keep happening."

So... Sa vle di CHOLERA pa janm kite Haiti?

Basically, that's what Dr. Morris is saying...

What do you think about this?

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Rose I always ask my self if the minustah really is the subject of Cholera.They said that they throw their feces in the river which contaminate the... see more
Reply · November 17 at 6:40 PM
Jean Claude God's will, purpose, word and power all surpass what men say. We might turn our back from God but He will never punished us so bad that we have to... see more
Reply · November 09 at 10:09 PM
Lisa Tout tan Haitien ap plede bwe dlo riviere Cholera fe komanse tuye moun. Ou pa remake ke bo dlo rivere sa yo moun province jete fatra? tout dlo lapli... see more
Reply · November 09 at 6:23 PM
Marie M One possible answer is because cholera is a disease of poverty. Haitians in majority are poor and lack access to safe and clean water. It is sad to... see more
Reply · November 09 at 6:20 PM
Ti Joe A big FAT thank you to all the Haitian politicians who contributed to CHAOS in Haiti thereby giving the United Nations the green light to bring a... see more
Reply · November 09 at 6:15 PM

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