Cholera Death Toll In Haiti Rising To Near 300

CNN has just published a news report putting the Haiti cholera death toll to 292 with 4,147 people infected. But wait... It could get worse!

Breaking News From Haiti
Breaking News From Haiti

UN Officials in Haiti are concerned that this cholera epidemic could spread and grow to "tens of thousands of cases."

The Pan American Health Organization expressed concerns about the cholera outbreak spreading to the Dominican Republic.

Yesterday they said it was contained, today it's a different story.

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Betty says...

I have read minutes ago that the Nepalese from MINUSTAH might be responsible for the cholera outbreak.The probable contamination site is in Mirebalais.Also prelimary testing shows that the strain of cholera found in haitian outbreak is the same found in Nepal.

I can assure you that since I was a child until the day I left Haiti I have never heard or witnessed one case of cholera.This is new to our country, at least I can say it is imported and nonendemic in our country.Also those people responsible to manage human waste and toxins should do their job with conscience and remember they are dealing with human beings and they could become victims of their own negligence and pay with their lives for that or watch their family members die

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Subject: Cholera Death Toll In Haiti Rising To Near 300 edit

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