Cholera Contained in Haiti

The news this morning is that the Cholera outbreak in Haiti is contained, so far the death toll has risen to 259 with 3,342 infected.

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This is according to a declaration by Haitian Health Minister Gabriel Thimothe.

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What does contained mean?

Contained simply means that it is not spreading to other unaffected areas. it doesn't mean that it is over.


Do you believe that out government will do everything necessary to make sure this never happens again?

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Garry Destin says...

Washing their hands and build up proper latrines is the solution.

First of all they invited the peace keepers into their own homes to keep them from killing each other.

Why don't the swear to never let that happen again just as Europe did after their cholera outbreak.

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Enrique Bj says...

We are from bad to worse, but we don't have to be hopeless.

let's pin our hopes on Jesus

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