Can Haitians Substitute Chicken for Insects? Hint: It's good for you!

Would you like to substitute your chicken wings for some insects? According to the FAO, insects are abundant, economical, healthy, and nutritious alternatives to mainstream staples such as chicken, pork, beef, even fish... So... Why don't we eat them in Haiti???

Deep fried insects... A Delicacy in Thailand and Cambodia

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has just released a report urging people to eat insects to fight world hunger.

Read this...

Many insects are rich in protein and good fats and high in calcium, iron and zinc.

Here is something elsel that is interesting...

Cows and chicken require animal feed in order to grow and become meed on your table. In other words, you have to feed the cow before the cow can feed you... Crickets, on the other hand, need 12 times less feed than cows to produce the same amount of protein, according to the report.

You can download the full report, click on Edible insects Future prospects for food and feed security

Now that you know this... Are you ready for some diri, sos pwa, ak sos KRIKET???

It's good for you... LOL...

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Nia says...

give crickets to your mother...we have enough food to sustain america why cant we feed ourselves: fucking americans thats why take your hands off our table.

theses are facts do your

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Paul says...

If I was starving in a remote area, far from civilization...and I had absolutely no other alternative...then I could probably consider eating them. As for now, I'll stick to my regular chicken with

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David Grant says...

It will be very difficult for Haitians to forego their traditional meal and engage themselves in eating insects.

Even though we are of African descent, and in Africa, a dish of insects is a delicacy, Haitians will never reconcile their mind into such practice.

Unless there is extreme hunger in the country, this will never

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Dj Exil says...

Americans love to put hands on anything they can find in Haiti, this is another great opportunity to get rich using Haitian's resources (crickets) go ahead take them all. Haiti-crickets-free and import them to America.

Two for one

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Rolande Lecorps says...

Woodring, how about trying it first then you can tell us your readers know about it afterwards?

Even the thought of it is remotely disgusting...

Come on you must be

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Guilbert Printemps says...

Are you crazy?

I will choose starvation.

No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I'm against creepy

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Miejo says...

Well we can become St Jean Baptiste, don't you know he never eat anything else then

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Maggy says...

Actually, it reminds be being in Zona Rosa in Mexico City at a happy Hour at the Cucaracha Resto Bar who had crickets instead of peanuts on tables and at the bar. Did I taste?

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Maggy says...

O, O, wi fout, ban-m poul mwen! M'pa rinmin bet di tou! Ou paka gade yo ale voir manje! Woy! Non, Non epi mwen kwe ke-m ka pale pou anpil moun

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Jacobinnoir says...

Woodring, when we run out of chicken I will start thinking about it.

What say

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