True or False: No more $1.50 fee on Money transfers to Haiti (Video Response)

There's been rumors spreading on social media that some money transfer companies are no longer charging the $1.50 fee required by the Central bank in Haiti. Is it true or false?

CAM Money Transfer - Haiti

This is in fact false but Haitian journalist Guy Webern Guerrier, alias Guywewe, explained in a live video how this misunderstanding may have taken place.

Watch the video response here: VIDEO: Eske se vre yo pa pran $1,50 la ankò sou lajan transfè Haiti yo?

Some people sending money to Haiti are in rebellion and refuse to pay the fee up front not knowing that the $1.50 fee will be automatically deducted from the money transfer once it arrives in Haiti, he said.

There is a central bank in Haiti that knows and regulates the transfer of money in Haiti. They know how much money is sent to Haiti everydya and how many money transfers each company makes. It is not the money transfer company that tells the central bank how many money transfers was made. Each company has to pay the sum of all these $1.50 fees to the Central bank because it is known by the bank, Guywewe said.

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Subject: True or False: No more $1.50 fee on Money transfers to Haiti (Video Response) edit

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