Haitian Businessman in DR affected by Haiti-Dominican Relationship

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Some Haitian businessmen are hurting in the Dominican Republic due to a slow down in Haitian merchants coming into DR... Recently, we met with a young Haitian businessman in Santo Domingo who said his business is deeply affected by the relationship between Haitian and the Dominican republic. more »

Haiti Ekonomi - Anpil moun ap plenyen LAJAN pa SIKILE nan peyi a...

PHOTO: Haitian Money - Haitian Currency - One Gourde Genyen anpil Haitien nan peyi d'Haiti ki ap plenyen LAJAN pa SIKILE nan peyi a... Tout kote ou pase se preske menm pawol la, lajan rete kote li ye a, li pa pase de men nan men, li pa bouje, sa ki lakòz anpil moun razè nan peyi a... more »

Haiti Telephone - NATCOM ap manje lajan moun pou granmesi!

HAITI: Natcom Vs. Digicel... Kiyes ki Pi Bon? Mezanmi... Zafè telefòn nan peyi d'Haiti se gro koze... W ap met kat, kat ap fini san w pa fè apel... Tande sa... Mwen mete 25 goud sou kont NATCOM mwen nan jodi, mwen pa fè okenn apèl... Nan demen maten, mwen tcheke balans la, mwen wè rete 9.88 goud sou kont la... Mwen rele sevis a la kilyantèl pou-m plenyen, se atò m pèdi lajan... more »

Haiti has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean

Haiti Open For Business Haiti now has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean, according to an article published in the New York Times... This fast-growing economy in Haiti is thanks largely to infrastructure projects financed by the money Haiti saved by buying oil at preferential terms from Venezuela... more »

Haiti Poultry - 8 Chickens Dead in 5 days - Maladi Poul deyo!

Haiti - Yon poul ki malad - Maladi Poul deyo (A sick chicken) It's sick chicken season in Haiti... Last week, I lost 8 of my 12 chickens in the back yard and it made me feel sorry for all the Haitian men and women from the countryside who earn a living raising chicken... I just found out lots of chickens across Haiti get sick and die each and every year... "Maladi Poul" Haitians call it... more »

Haiti - DGI lage nan dada Machinn ak Moto san PLAK... Ou Chanje Plak Machin ou Deja?

Haiti Plaque d'Immatriculation -  Haiti Licence Plate Haiti Direction General des Impots (DGI) anonse La Police pwal komanse bay contravention 10,000 goud a tout chofè machin ki ap sikile avek ancien plak nan machin yo... more »

Haiti - New Gasoline Strike announced for Monday and Tuesday

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti There is another Gasoline strike announced in Haiti for Monday 09 and Tuesday 10 March, 2015, to force the Haitian government to reduce gasoline prices down to 100 gourdes... more »

Haiti Mining - Hillary Clinton's Brother Granted Gold MINING Permit from Haiti

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Talks About Haiti A new book by New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer reveals... Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham, received through VCS Mining, in 2012, one of only two "gold exploitation permits" from the Haitian government - This is the first such permit issued by Haiti in over 50 years... more »

Haiti Govt Condemns those who burn Capital Coach Line Bus in Ti Goave

PHOTO: Capital Coach Line Bus Burned in Petit Goave The Haitian government express complete disapproval of the act committed in Petit Goave where a Capital Coach Line bus was burned to the ground for reasons having to do with the Dominican Republic... more »

Do Haitians really know how many Gallons of Gasoline in a Barrel of Crude Oil?

How Many Gallons of Gasoline in a Barrel of Crude Oil? There are 19.36 gallons of Gasoline in a barrel of crude oil but many people in Haiti are misled to believe the number is 42... The people are being misinformed... Everyone on the radio is telling the public "there are 42 gallons in a barrel of crude oil" but they fail to tell the people NOT all of it is Gasoline... more »