Haitian Planters complaining about too much rain these days

PHOTO: Haiti -  4 Haitien chita nan yon lakou andeyo ap kale pwa Many Haitian planters are complaining about the rain... Too much rain, they cannot plant their crops... Isn't that funny? When there's no rain there is a problem, when there is rain there is a problem... more »

Haiti Commerce - Depi moun Andeyo yo pa Debake nan Bouk La, Lajan PA Bwase La Ville

PHOTO: Haiti - Jou Marche Nan Ville Hinche Nan ville Hinche Haiti, jou marche se Mercredi ak Samedi. Depi ou tande moun andeyò yo pa debake nan vil la tout commercant ap plenyen pa gen afè, pa gen lavant, yo pa fè lajan, anyen pa vann... more »

A Haitian Restaurant REVIEW every Haitian Restaurant Owner MUST Read

Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips READ THIS... A customer reviewed a Haitian Restaurant like this: "The griot is super good, the service is bad though, the lady in the front is rude..." How many Haitian restaurants do you know deserves the same kind of review? more »

TELECO vs NATCOM - Kiyes ki pi bon, Kiyes ki bay pi bon sevis? Ansyen TELECO oswa NATCOM?

NATCOM Haiti Tande sa... Anplwaye revoke TELECO yo ap fè manifestation devan CONATEL pou mande retire non NATCOM epi retounen ak Ansyen TELECO... Yon kesyon: Ki konpayi ki pi bon dapre ou menm? Ansyen TELECO a oswa Nouvo NATCOM lan? more »

Haiti : The Mango Season, Haiti should plant more mangos to export to the USA

PHOTO: Haiti - Mango Fransik It is spring in Haiti, the mango season is coming. Haiti should export all types of mangos: Mango corn, mango labiche, mango fil, mango rond, mango peau fin, mango cannelle, etc... more »

Doing Business in Haiti - What advice can you give me?

Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips I started a small business in Haiti and I quickly realize that people in the country who do the same types of business do not meet and talk about things that would help their business sector grow... What advice can you give me? more »

Haiti - Sale of CLAIRIN Down since Reports of Deaths from a Methanol-Laced Haitian Moonshine Stock

PHOTO: Haiti - Clairin vs Methanol Haiti Economy - There are many people in Haiti whose livelihood depends on the sale and distribution of Haitian Moonshine or CLAIRIN... Sales are down these days and many vendors are complaining. they feel the pinch... more »

In Haiti, It Takes MORE than 3 Months to Start a Business Compared to a few hours in New Zealand

CHART: Haiti  - Starting a Business, days to register a company, 2015 According to The World Bank's "Doing Business' report, it takes MORE than 3 months, 97 days, to start a business (register a company) in Haiti, Compare that to a few hours online to start a business in New Zealand... more »

Haiti Production Nationale - Le Cacao d'Haiti elu l'un des Meilleurs au Monde

PHOTO: Haiti Cacao - Cocoa from Haiti Bonne Nouvelle... Haiti a reçu un «Cacao Awards 2015» et figure désormais au rang des 50 cacaos d'excellence au monde. Une reconnaissance pour la Fédération des coopératives cacaoyères du Nord (FECCANO) et ses 3000 petits producteurs, financièrement soutenue par le département... more »

Haiti Business - Clothes Manufacturer Hansae to Build Factory in Haiti, 5000 jobs!

PHOTO: Hansae Worldwide coming to Haiti Haiti Business Update -- Korean Clothes manufacturer HANSAE just signed a agreement with SONAPI build a factory in Haiti... HANSAE, one of the world's largest apparel makers with client like Nike, Gap, H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch will soon build plant in Haiti equipped to employ 5,000 people... That's new 5000 jobs in Haiti... more »