WOW... New Timberland Boots made from HAITI Recycled Plastic Bottles

Take a look at these boots... Believe it or not, these Timberland boots are made from old recycled plastic bottles recovered in Haiti...

PHOTO: Timberland Boots made from Haiti Recycled Plastic Bottles

There is a saying: "A man's trash is another man's treasure," You probably heard it before. well out of the tons of plastic bottles making up all the trash in Haiti washing off on the beaches of Haiti, new $150 pairs of timberland man-boots are being born.

Their canvas-like uppers are recycled from plastic bottles picked up from the beaches of Haiti by a startup company called Thread, which works with about 1,300 bottle pickers in Haiti.

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Thread breaks down the bottles into flakes, heats up the mixture, then passes it through an extruder, like water passing through a showerhead. It then rolls and bales up the threads, so they can be spun into fabric...

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Take a look at the description of the new Timberland Men's 6-Inch Premium Thread Canvas Boots and you will notice that the fabric is made with 50% recycled PET (plastic bottles). Bottles are collected in Haiti, while the fabric is crafted in the USA.

Cool... I really hope other companies find something to do with Haiti's trash because we surely have a lot of it...

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Subject: WOW... New Timberland Boots made from HAITI Recycled Plastic Bottles edit

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