Haitian Planters complaining about too much rain these days

Many Haitian planters are complaining about the rain... Too much rain, they cannot plant their crops... Isn't that funny? When there's no rain there is a problem, when there is rain there is a problem...

PHOTO: Haiti -  4 Haitien chita nan yon lakou andeyo ap kale pwa

KREYOL: Haiti, peyi pwoblem... Abitan yo ap plenyen TWOP LAPLI... le gen lapli pwoblem, pa gen lapli pwoblem... kisa ou panse de sa?

We have a lot of problems in this country. And the funny thing is even when the solutions arrive to solve these problems, the solutions themselves become problems.

In Haiti, this applies to life as usual and in politics...

How are we going to fix them all?

What do you think about that?

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