Barbancourt, Bottles Of Haitian Pride, Back In Business!

When you are at the airport waiting for family and friends arriving from Haiti, you can always tell that plane from Haiti has arrived by the distinct yellow suitcase with the label "HAITI" on it.

According to a recent article from CNN, this yellow suitcase with HAITI written on it is carrying "Bottles of Haitian Pride."

This is the new name for Haiti's Rum Barbancourt... AND quite a statement I might add

"In the 35 seconds that the earth jolted on January 12," CNN Reports, "Barbancourt lost $4 million, about a third of its annual profit. Bottles crashed. Wood cracked. Liquid gold spilled onto the floors of the distillery."

Hmmmm.... Tout moun jwen...

I have been living in the United States for over 20 years and there are two things I always ask my family and friend to bring for me from Haiti:

1 - Douce Madan Michelot from Hinche, Haiti

2 - Yon Boutey 5 Etwal! - A bottle of "Five Star" Rum Barbancourt

I don't know if you can still get your hands on some "Douce Madan Michelot" these days. I have been told that Madan Michelot died and the kids failed to master her secret recipe... Big mistake... BIG... HUGE...


Barbancourt is back in business and soon these "Bottles of Haitian Pride" will be flowing out of Haiti as they have been for decades.

I promised a bottle of Rum Barbancourt (Reserve Du Domaine) to my friend Ken from The Island of Bequia in the Grenadines. and I have not been able to find one single bottle.

It looks like I may live up to my promise soon.

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Woody says...

The barbancourt reserve du domaine is the 15 year aged one. The 5 star is aged 8 years.

I wanted to have taste the reserve du domaine.

I don't think it is available in liquor stores in

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Abimeck says...

le meilleur rhum au monde

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Richelet Etienne says...

u don't have to live-up the promise, i live in maryland, i have my barbancourt in a place name tick-tock 1/2 mile a way from my neighborhood 3-star for 19.99, 5-star for 24.99. just let me know when u need

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