Avocados - The Haiti ZABOKA Experiment

QUESTION: Si-w mete yon zaboka chita nan yon bokit dlo ou panse sa ka apeshe li mi tro vit? LOL... (If you place an avocado in a bucket of water will that stop the ripening process?)

I just received some avocados from the country side and I didn't want all of them to ripen at once, so I grabbed a couple and placed them in a big bucket of water to test and see if that will halt the ripening process.

I read somewhere that refrigeration will halt the ripening process for avocados but most people in Haiti don't have a refrigerator.

I wonder how they keep all them from ripening at once...

SO... bear witness to my Haiti ZABOKA Experiment... You never know... People come up with crazier ideas than that and they work!

I will let you know how this story ends...

So... How do YOU keep you avocados green until you need them?

Any suggestions?

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