Are Haitian Women Romantic? - A Poet's Perspective (Part 2)

Question #2: Do you believe that Haitian Women are romantic and, if there are, any weaknesses in them, what can be done to improve it?

Josaphat-Robert Large - Haitian Poet

We asked Haitian Writer and poet Josaphat-Robert Large 5 questions including this question... Read his answer...

Answer: Haitian women have got to be the most romantic ones in the world. As a writer, I can express that the main source of inspiration of Haitian poets and storytellers are the Haitian women.

For example, which one of us don't know about the beauty of Choucoune, this "Marabout" with "tete doubout" that has inspired the poet Oswald Durand.

How about Anaise, the "poto-mitan" woman in the novel Gouverneurs de la Rosée of Jacques Roumain.

When a Haitian woman falls for a man, she will do anything to conquer his love and have him for herself alone. She is so jealous that she becomes like a "Tigresse" (female tiger) eager to protect her territory.

That takes us to the next question about her sexuality.

Next Question...

Question #3: What do you find sexy about Haitian women and are you inspired by them?

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Carolyn. says...

OK "GA" you asked for it.

I'm not angry I'm passive aggressive...

Speaking of angry Haitian Women, you act like I don't have a right to be angry at "some things", and you being Opposed to lingua franca, fool you in to thinking Im angry, that is a European way of thinking, ..

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Ga says...

Boy! dairy of an angry Haitian woman, lol. like I said before, if you bothered to look it up on this site, I did not ask the question.

Second, the question must have hit a spot for you to be so angry.

I can debate that with you but not when you are so angry.

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Carolyn. says...

No, No, No, "G"!

We've been on the receiving end of back ended comments and "sadly" sincere inquiry from people like yu forever and I'm sure this will continue, Proven here bein dat i gots ta straighten yu today!

But Ill tell yu what will change.

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G D says...

I would say having a Haitian myself, any man should be aware that Haitian women can be romantic because they know how to serve a man right and respectfully at time, but do not have the best qualities when it come to basic social manners, behaving adult like, have fear of intimacy, and are very dismal parents.

They have very poor parenting skills.

Obviously, that has nothing to do with them being Haitian, but from stringent family upbringing.

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G says...

Are Haitian Women Romantic?

- A Poet's Perspective (Part 2) Here is the link on this same site Caroline, maybe you can check out yourself before you bust out your

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G says...

To you the question is stupid, I remember reading somewhere online that Haitian women are the most Romantic.

Sounds like that offends you. Typical as usual.

Unable to debate any issues with

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Carolyn. says...

That's a stupid question, regardless of haitian or not, what women doesn't romance in one way or the other, are haitian women romantic?, thats a stupid

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Henry Gus says...

Most of thr time us Haitian men don't know how to treat our Haitian women and take them for granted.

Brother man the are romantic Haitian women in the US. The problem is our Haitian nubian queens love to talk a lot and make big isssues out of little things.

Word of sugesstion just ignore.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Hello, konfrere, He has a poet was trying to make a point.

As our world closes out, we must now ask ourselves what must be done to insure our survival as a people.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Yes, but
As our world closes out, we must now ask ourselves what must be done to insure our survival as a people.

We must value our women, for heaven lies at the foot of mother.

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