Are all the BANK FEES Raising your Blood Pressure?

When was the last time you checked your Bank statement? Are you aware of all the FEES you're being charged? Haitian-Americans are loosing lots of money in bank fees and overdraft fees... I was told once of a bank in Little Haiti, Florida, that makes more money from overdraft fees than anything else...

Recently, I noticed a $25 service fee that was being taken out of my checking account. I call the bank fo find out why... "Well Sir," the bank official said, "the reason is because that account is linked to another account which has been closed."

When I ask what other options I have... "Well sir... We can change it to this type of account but your will be charged $5.00 every time you use an ATM from another bank..."

The bank offered me every other alternative all of which included other fees OR lots of money in the bank...

I thought people put money inthe Bank to save money?

How much money are you saving?

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John says...

There is no saving money, if you don't put money you don't have money and by the way, they wont give you nothing because the money you have never stay long in the bank. You are always wipe it out so the bank does not have time to manage that money to get you interest.

So you have to put that money in CD or money market to have interest on it but you can't touch it until the time expire ok?

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Subject: Are all the BANK FEES Raising your Blood Pressure? edit

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