Haiti News Announcements

Haiti Electricity - First Renewable Energy Network Inaugurated in Les Anglais, South Haiti

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy Haiti Renewable Energy Update -- A new alternative electricity micro distribution network has just been inaugurated in the town of Les Anglais, Sud Haiti, providing 430 households with access forto electricity fir the first time... more »

Haiti - DGI lage nan dada Machinn ak Moto san PLAK... Ou Chanje Plak Machin ou Deja?

Haiti Plaque d'Immatriculation -  Haiti Licence Plate Haiti Direction General des Impots (DGI) anonse La Police pwal komanse bay contravention 10,000 goud a tout chofè machin ki ap sikile avek ancien plak nan machin yo... more »

Haitian Journalist and Filmmaker Bob Lemoine is Dead

Haitian journalist and filmmaker Bob Lemoine is Dead... Bob Lemoine died Sunday 08 March 2015 in Miami at the age of 72 following a battle with cancer... Many will mourn his death... more »

FLASH... Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier is DEAD

Jean Claude Baby Doc Duvalier In Haiti BREAKING NEWS --- Former Haitian dictator Jean Claude "BabyDoc" Duvalier is DEAD... he died of heart attack at home in Port-au-Prince Saturday, his lawyer Reynold Georges says... Duvalier was 63... more »

Haiti bans ALL its citizens from UN mission against Ebola

Ebola in Africa - Even Burring the Dead can spread Ebola Haitian volunteers have been banned from departing for African countries hit by the Ebola virus, the government said on Friday, citing other diseases that have devastated the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. more »

Haiti Tourism Minister will be a Passenger in American Airlines Inaugural Flight to Cap-Haitien

Stephanie Villedrouin - Haiti Minister of Tourism American Airlines will make its inaugural Flight to Cap-Haitien International Airport Haiti (renamed Hugo Chávez International Airport) on Thursday 02 October, 2014, and Haiti Tourism Minister Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin plans to be a passenger on that flight... more »

Haiti - PHOTOS: 27 new High Schools ready for Inauguration before the opening of the School Year

PHOTO: Haiti Public Schools - Lycée Charlemagne Peralte in Hinche getting a new paint job Did you know? There are many new High Schools that were under construction in Haiti and some of them are ready for the new school year... One of them is the new Charlemagne Peralte High School in Hinche Haiti (Lycee Charlemagne Peralte de Hinche) We took some photos to share with you... LOOK.. more »

New Haiti License Plates Starting October 2014

Haiti Plaque d'Immatriculation -  Haiti Licence Plate Starting 1 Oct 2014, Haiti will be issuing new license plates to all vehicles and motorcycles in Haiti, Different color license plates will be issued for each department in Haiti and vehicles will be issued TWO license plates, one in the front and one in the back... more »

Haiti - Cine Triomphe is Almost ready - PHOTOS Look...

PHOTO: Haiti - Ciné Triomphe Prèske Pare, tòl wouj saa pwal ateri LOL... Yesterday, I posted a photo on Facebook to let the Haitian people know that Cine Triomphe in downtown Port-au-Prince is almost ready and I was surprised to see how many people were just in love with the photo... When I shared the photos of the blue seats and red seats still wrapped in plastic inside the theaters of Cine Triomphe, my Facebook fans went crazy... They loved it... more »

Haiti to open new office to get Humanitarian Aid cleared out of Customs Faster

Haiti Customs - AGD - Administration General Des Douanes Great news for all philanthropic organizations shipping goods to Haiti -- A special bureau will be established at Haiti's Customs office to facilitate the clearance of shipments sent by legitimate philanthropic organizations which are helping Haiti.... This announcement was made earlier this week by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe according to the Haitian Caribbean News Network (HCNN) more »