Advice - Leave the house, get away, take a vacation

When was the last time you went on vacation?

I mean a vacation, as in leaving the house for a few days, and going out of town.

Sometime last summer, the heat in my house was growing rapidly. Not the temperature in the house if you know what i mean.

One Friday afternoon, I came home, looked around and told my wife:

"I need you to pack, for 3 days, you, me, and Woody-Woody (my son), we're going away."

"where are we going?" she said

"I have no idea, we're going to drive for 2 hours to some place we've never been before; we will stay there for 2 days"

We ended up in Cap Cod in southern Massachusetts. it was one of the most memorable trips of our relationship.

- no laptops
- no cell phones
- no telephone service in the hotel
- no one knows where we are
- just the 3 of us, enjoying each other's company

We also had an understanding, we were supposed to leave our problems there before we came home.

Did we?

Nope! but something strange happened... After that trip, they seemed to disappear one by one.

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