About The Haiti Elections

* About The Haiti Elections *

on there is a guy named G. Simon who is driving everyone nuts!

He is 100% Lavalas!
He hates the Haitian Mulatoes
and Charles Baker is his worst nightmare!

Take a look to see how many messages this guy left on Charles Bakers private forum on the Haiti Elections site

Each Haitian candidate have their own private forums
here is the statistics so far:

Rene Preval >> 123 comments

Charles Henry Baker >> 94 Comments

Guy Phillippe >> 59 Comments

Durmasais Simeus >> 58 Comments

Raoul Liberus & Chavanes Jeune are competing for the Number 5 spot

If you support a candidate be sure to post a comment about them and let the Haitian people know how you feel.

*** Question ***
I also head that there was a document signed by some of the candidates that they will not form an opposition against the wining candidate

if you know more about that, please enlighten me!

Visit the Haiti Election Forum

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