A Haitian-American man in Boston Area murders his family

I have just learned about a Haitian tragedy in the Boston MA area. I hate being the bearer of bad news but one of the Haitian Internet Newsletter readers wanted to know if the double murder in Boston happened in a Haitian family home.

Yes it did... and it is tragic...

Here is a video of what happened:

Watch More videos here.

Kerby Revelus, a 23 year old Haitian American man in Milton Massachusetts, for unknown reasons, went after his 17-year-old sister Samantha with a knife and killed her. While she is laying on the floor dying she called 911 to try to save her other sisters in the house.

Police came immediately and, right in front of the police officer, Kerby decapitated his 5-year-old sister, then he turned toward his 9-year-old sister to kill her too.

The officer shot him dead in order to save the nine year old sister.

Kerby killed his 5-year-old sister just one day after her birthday. Her birthday cake was still on the kitchen table.

What would push a man to do such a thing?

To make it worse, Mom and Dad has to burry the victims and the murderer this Saturday, while caring for the wounded one.

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Mikia Limprevil says...

My prayers go to the little girl for a complete recovery body, mind & spirit.

My heart goes out to the family, we must stay in

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Antonisia Sherlie says...

Je viens tout juste d'ouvrir mon email pour lire mes courrier et j'ai lu cette horrible histoire.

Je ne comprends vraiment pas comment un haitien peut faire une pareille chose,était-il sous les effets de la drogue ou avit-il des problèmes psychologiques?J'aimerais connaitre plus sur cette histoire si c'est possible et toutes mes condoleances à la famille et amis affectés par cet

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Linda says...

I went to the funeral, my prayers are with the family the general feeling in our community is this for real?

to the point that even wishes of sympathy to this family feels worthless.

I know its a thought but this mother may never sleep a full night sleep, strenght or not this is cause for disability if ever one. Here's the reality in our culture both in US & Haiti alot of our children our going to jail, in jail, Juvi, gone thru DYS, DCF etc and what is preparing these family to reintegrate these traumatized children back in the family home or circle?

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Kim says...

am sorry if i get anyone here mad but i had to ask my friend boutthis and thats how this got posted, i had to ask if that guujy was haitian

and it jus sound like sum voodoo that gone wrong somthin i jus cant think this is natural to me

and i pray to the family too its very

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Rasta says...

I Cant believe that how that happened i would, like to know mor information about that what was happened.

In that case plesae let me know if you know something about it please let me me know what was going on. Bcause it hard to

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Josiane Gedeon says...

It's unbelieveable what a tradgety for this family I'm sending my deepest condolences.

I'll pray for their family.

I hope that people don't try to judge that's very easy to do. Rigth now they need all the prayers they can get.God

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Rubensdeboston says...




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Boniface Zebo Correspt De Press says...

LA DIASPORA-EST-TRISTES-les haitians people ne sont pas des criminels surtout contres les enfants, mes condoleances a notres communautees, le retour au pays natal est souvent une therapie, ce sont les avatares de la vie QUE DIEU BENISSE LEURS

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Marie Michelle Desrosiers says...

I couldn't keep my tears when I heard that news. that was sorrowful and very sad. I hope God save the life of the 9 year-old girl in order to retrieve her health

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Lilie says...

this is unbelieveable and this just remind me of another haitian in Miami who killed his sister, his MOTHER, and then kill himself.

I mean your ouw sister and Mother, i mean does that person had a heart at all, cause there is NO EXCUSE for killing someone.

And eveytime something like that happen, i think of the future thinking how can anybody have the heart to kill someone on purpose, and i always come to one conclusion

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