A Greener Haiti by 2016 - Bold New Haiti Reforestation Plan

Haiti - Environment - Starting May 1st 2013, the Haitian government will begin a campaign to plant millions of trees in Haiti with a 50 year plan to take Haiti's forest coverage from a deadly 2% all the way up to 29% where Cuba stands right now.

Deforestation in Haiti - View from the Air

Yè swa mwen fè yon rèv... Fè manje ak chabon fini nan peyi dayiti...

All I have to say is... Tanpri souple... Ba yo dlo pou yo ka grandi..

The guardian reports...

President Michel Martelly will launch the drive to double forest cover by 2016 from the perilous level of 2% - one of the lowest rates in the world. Despite skepticism engendered by past ill-fated campaigns, there are hopes that the high-level push will mark a turning point after hundreds of years of degradation.

Jean François Thomas, the environment minister of Haiti, says:

"In three years, this level of planting will give us forest cover of 4.5%; in 10 years, it will be 8% to 10% and in 50 years, we hope to be at the level of Cuba, a regional role model, and have 29%"

Read more: Haiti to plant millions of trees to boost forests and help tackle poverty

Once again, I will stay on the side of optimist and pray that this initiative bears fruit.

Failure is NOT an option...

"Yon ayisyen, yon pye bwa" (one Haitian, one tree)

Let's do this...

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Joe says...

I would like to see some concrete actions not just words.

if the minister from the environment does not show any progress after 3 months he should be fired and replaced.

It's all I hear is words but no action.

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Samuel Frederique says...

This idea will propel Haiti to become safe from natural disaster, we need fast growing plant like flamboyant, lam veritable, pied corrosol, grand bamboo, queen

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Calixte Guerruer says...

I have approved this idea. I don't
know about the contract, but the idea will save the country from the
big storm and tornato.

Keep up the good work.

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Paul says...

It's a great idea...but historically, there has never been continuity with government projects when a new government takes over in Haiti.

In other words, when a new government takes over in Haiti, they don't continue projects that were started by the previous government...which is one of the reasons why the country is so far

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Astride says...

oh mwen haiti cherim nan m prale direk m pral ede pep mwen plante pye bwa. men ansanm chay pa lou haiti baby map vini tet

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Bee says...

Great steps forward...several generations from now will know how beautiful Haiti can

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