a floating city in haiti?

architects are proposing a floating city in haiti. Take a look this picture and tell me what you think

The idea of the floating Haitian city is from architect E. Kevin Schopfer and Tangram 3DS, who envision the new Haiti to have a floating city on which people could produce food and promote industry.

Called Harvest City, this floating Haitian city would be in the bay of Port-au-Prince, comprised of a collection of islands that would be a fully functioning community of 30,000 residents based on the principle of Arcology (a mix of architecture and ecology), and could be a key player in Haiti's recovery.

Thank you, Serge Olivier, for sendit me this information...

What do you think?

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Richelle says...

Me too!i would be so happy prbably take my car drive until I hit

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Dada says...

Are you people STUPID

Who in their right minds would go live on a "floating city".

You people are crazy and I bet you didn't even think of the safety of those who'd agree to work on this

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Rose-marie says...

Who said that masonery is not in Haiti?

I'm sorry, but you're not well

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Mario Philo says...

Harvest city apppears to be a demonic idea for the future of haiti.

I supposed the mason seal should remain where they are in Washington D.C (USA)not in Haiti.

Haiti is, and will always be the first black republic of the world, regardless of superpowers politacal blockages.

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Ericka says...

that would be awesome

but i really dont think its going to happen,,,,,,,,especially if the haitian government have anything to do with it
but, man if it do happen

i'd be the happiest haitian

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Max says...

Very beautiful indeed but my questions are: who is the architect, is he an Haitian?

why on the sea now, is it safer on the sea than land, what about a grade five hurricane.

Will these people will be able to pay insurance for glass houses, i presume will be made in stainless and glass?

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Rhod says...

i think dats a good idea but wat ya gonna do bout the weather like wen a storm is coming at us?

and is the city gonna be under the haitian

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Lejacobinnoir says...

Now i get why they are building the super duper tunnel.

It is to connect it to the floatting city. Haiti-Quisqueya ou Dubay...

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Jean says...

you assume all haitians are poor and that only haitians want to live in haiti.

you are forgetting that haiti is the caribbean country

everybody wants a piece of

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Mm says...

Always for rich people...who is going to buy those houses?

We don't have the time to solve our problems there, they figure out already how to posess the island...oh

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